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Merchant feed settings -> opencart google base

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Hello, I have read that you can point the google base URL to merchant centre to get the feed....
But i am obviously putting it in wrong, no matter what i try, it fails...
url looks like this


when you run url in chrome, it displays product info ect in plain text, so it is doing something right :-p

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Merchant feed settings -> opencart google base

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the best likely course is to contact whoever is currently
supporting opencart for the particular website being used,
and possibly post in the opencart related support forums.

google's forum is rather outside the scope of ecommerce-specific issues --
most such issues are specific to an exact software version and any related

details, such as the exact extension being used.

generally, the feed url must return a google-supported
format such as tab-delimited or google-xml; for example:

see also


Re: Merchant feed settings -

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It's Google's own Google base plugin, and it's how to enter the feed into
the Google merchant centre web site,
I don't see how asking the opencart software how to correctly set up Google
feed on a Google website helps.... And the link for the opencart forum
posted comes up 'does not exist'

Re: Merchant feed settings -

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The extension is 'google base'
It's for creating a feed for Google merchant centre.
I was asking the correct way to put the link it provides into the merchant

Merchant feed settings -> opencart google base

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first, thank you for the additional details.

this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum -- forum-members

do not have access to any accounts or account related details,

such as exactly what plug-in is being used.

unfortunately, google's own google-base-plugin-for-opencart,
and any related google-base software, and most all related
e-commerce-platform-import software, developed by google,
have been retired, are no longer supported, and should no

longer be expected to function.

the main point of asking in opencart's forum, was to possibly
inquire if anyone else using opencart may be using the same,
similar, plug-in and having the same similar issue.

since google's plug-in is being used, asking in the opencart-forums
for recommendations of a replacement, opencart plug-in, extension,
or similar software or services, that supports google's most current
merchant-center feed-specifications, is the best likely course --
generally, google does not allow such third-party recommendations
within google's forums.

the opencart forums should be here:

normally, the way to add a feed link/url, that returns proper tab-delimited
or google-xml formatted data, is to simply edit the scheduled-fetch settings:
by (a) clicking on the primary-feed name under the products-feeds-tab; then
(b) click settings, (c) click fetch-schedule, (d) check set-up-fetch-schedule,
(e) click on file-url, (f) type the appropriate link/url that will return the
product-feed inventory data, then (g) click save, within the merchant-center.

if a plug-in is using google's api directly, then no link/url is set within
the merchant-center -- the data is transmitted without a primary-feed.

see also