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Merchant center shipping table for complex rules and regions

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After guidance as to the best way to setup the shipping table. Ideally we'd use a Carrier API but the availability is limited to a few large US providers.

To begin with, we'll be targeting the United States and Australia.

We ship by Japan Post. Rates are weight-based and divided into regions - and unfortunately different methods have different regions! Also some products (books) have special rates not available to other products. It's complicated. The Japan Post carrier service is something created in-house.

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Merchant center shipping table for complex rules and regions

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If you have created it in house, than I recommend setting up your data feed to use your in service system. As you have the mechanism in place it would be easier and quicker to get that setup. Rather than creating a whole list of rules in Google Merchant.


In the data feed you can define all shipping details per country and per state if required on a per product basis.


If this is too difficult to do, you can always list an overestimate, but never an underestimate.


hope it helps.

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Merchant center shipping table for complex rules and regions

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Yeah, I'm aware overestimation is the rule of thumb to follow. It will be costly to develop. Reference for others on the shipping attributes in the feed:

Re: Merchant center shipping table for complex rules and regions

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shipping (tables) may also be configured via the google-shopping-content-api.


also, shipping requirements are from the perspective of users in
the configured target-country who are viewing the shopping-ad.


only the lowest shopping-cost value will ever be used or displayed; so, only
one, single, shipping-method (lowest-cost service) need ever be submitted
or configured as there is, currently, no way for individual users to select or
configure a shipping-method or locale -- a best-practice is to always verify
the final shipping-rate, for an item, by clicking on the inventory item's title,
under the products-list-tab, within the merchant-center-account.


currently, for a.u. and u.s. target-countries google will, automatically,
set a user's location, to display the lowest shipping, based on locale --

any of those location-specific rates should be configured or submitted.


importantly perhaps, providing an overestimate for shipping, for an item,
if accurate shipping-cost cannot be provided, is a minimum requirement --
not a rule-of-thumb.


this policy is true regardless of how shipping may be configured or submitted.


not providing an overestimate for shipping, if accurate shipping-cost
cannot be provided, is a policy violation and grounds for disapproval
or a suspension from the program, at any time.


generally, if either an exactly accurate shipping-rate,

or an overestimate, cannot be provided or configured,

such item-offers cannot be submitted as shopping-ads --

rather, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats

that are likely a better fit for advertising such items.