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Merchant center double serving

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Hi merchant center community,


We're transitioning from one domain to another and we plan on using another merchant center / Adwords account for the new domain. In terms of changes in product inventory, prices, etc. there's virtually none. 


I'd like to already enter my new shopping feed in the new merchant center account so it can be approved. This will not be a problem, correct? I'm a bit weary for the double serving policy.


There's no risk of products showing up organicaly in shopping while i get the feeds and paused campaigns approved in the back office. Correct?  

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Re: Merchant center double serving

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generally, a specialist should be consulted before any such transition.

there should be no issue with google organic-search
results showing up within google-shopping auctions.

typically, such a transition requires at least the following steps:
(1) pausing all related campaigns within the adwords-account.
(2) deleting any and all feeds.
(3) waiting 72-hours or so for the account-changes to be
recognized by google -- all items to be both fully removed
from the merchant-center and unlisted from the auctions.

otherwise yes, a double-serving disapproval is a possibility.

importantly, be certain that the transition or second domain is not
the result of or reaction to any disapproval or suspension issue --
that may be seen as an attempt at circumventing the policies and
result in a permanent suspension from the program.

Re: Merchant center double serving

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It's not to circumvent, it's in fact the opposite. The current landingspages are tiptoing around the policy while the new ones would be far less conspicious. One of our domains is suspended at the website level which initiated this process, we operate in different countries with different domains and as the policies are rolled out and enforced, we don't want to wait for the unavoidable suspensions on other domains.

You mention a few obvious points about the advertising aspect. I was thinking of pausing the shopping campaigns, deleting the product inventory from the merchant center and stop feed scheduling and give it a grace period of a day. But only after the other 'concept' shopping campaigns have been approved / product inventory has been approved in the new account.

The copy of the suspended domain went through the approval process just fine. But the initial website being suspended and getting the secondary up took quite a while. The other accounts are still active and we switching between two active accounts has more moving parts.


Why not simply update the old domains? SEO / organizational reasons. 

Re: Merchant center double serving

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generally, google does not allow such a transition for such a purpose.

typically, the original suspended website must be fixed (first).

simply creating a new domain will normally result in another suspension,
eventually; since the original domain or account suspension will be tied
to a merchant -- not to the domain or the account.

google may disapprove or suspended a merchant's domain or account at any time.

about the only exception is if a specialist, often the specialist involved in
the original (domain) suspension, has intervened and is guiding the transition.