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Merchant center and Search Ads?

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I was running google search ads, results on top of the search engine, just regular text ads.  I then started running google merchant products for the same website.  Since starting the merchant campaign, the search text ads are noting being run anymore.  Can I only run one campaign for a website?

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Merchant center and Search Ads?

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You can run all types of advertising at the same time withing Adwords. I recommend you check your text data, see what has changed. Check your historic changes see what you did and if it happened a few days before hand etc...


But it will have nothing to do with advertising shopping ads.


Hope it helps.

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Merchant center and Search Ads?

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There is no problem if you are running text ads along with your shopping ads. However, you can prioritize your ads the way you want. If you want to give more preference to Shopping Ads, go to the shopping campaign's settings tab and under Shopping Settings Advanced, select priority to be High. You will find three options, high, medium, and low.


Choosing a Medium or High priority for this Shopping campaign will also prioritize it over any existing Search Network Only - Product Listing Ads campaigns.


Read more here on this solved thread:


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Merchant center and Search Ads?

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shopping-campaign priorities will not

effect text-ads in any way whatsoever --

priorities only matter if two or more

*shopping-campaigns* are being run.


as was indicated, text-ads and shopping-ads

use entirely separate ad-auctions and do not

interfere with each other in that way.


look to some other issue as to why the text-ads

may not be showing -- for example, the budget

being too small to participate in both auctions.


otherwise, the best likely course is to contact google

directly so that a person can look into the ad-account.