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Merchant center Product ID

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I used to feed my products with a feed, the feed was created automatically and submitted the products to google shopping. This feed used the product Id from my Magento back end as product ID in the merchant center.

example ID: 1198

Over the weekend I connected the API and submitted the products through the API. The products were assigned new ID's in the merchant center.

example: 1198_1

After fiddling around and cleaning all errors. I removed all products coming from the feed and from the API.


1. All errors are still showing in the merchant center though I have no products listed there. (I believe they will clean up by itself in 24 to 48 hours)


2. After all products were removed from the feed and the API, I submitted a test products through the API and I expected the products ID to go back to the Magento ID # 1198 however that did not happen the Merchant center still assigns the ID 1198_1



My ad-words account is set up with the and it uses the ID 1198, how do I get the products to use their original ID 1198 not the Id generated by the merchant center 1198_1?

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February 2016

Re: Merchant center Product ID

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first, thank you for the detailed background.

the best likely course would be to contact whoever is supporting
the specific version of magento or magento-extension being used,
or possibly the magento forums -- to ask if your specific magento
api implementation can be configured to use the original id values.

there is nothing within the merchant-center-account that
could force the products to use their original id values.

if the api will be used long-term then, the feed should be deleted --
or, at the very least any feed re-uploads or scheduled-feed fetches
must be disabled.

new id values create new item entries,
regardless of how the data is submitted.

as an aside, some errors without the merchant-center are historic
and may not be cleaned-up unless the correction overlays the error --
for example, the diagnostics "current" errors may show dates for
affected-items that are many weeks or months in the past, even if
the underlying issue has been corrected; any listed issues should
be evaluated with that in mind.

see also