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Merchant account suspended

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Hello, I submiited my google base feed to google shopping and today I received a message that my google merchant account has been suspended. It mentions user safety, but I have no idea what they are talking about or what they want me to correct. I tried calling 1-866-246-6453, but I get recorded message. Is there any phone number where I can talk to someone live to discuss my situation. I will really appreciate if anyone can help me. Thanks

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Re: Merchant account suspended

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Hi Cozy,
The phone numbers for your country can be obtained by clicking the "Contact AdWords" link in the top menu above.

Before you do that though, you might want to share your website with us here so that we can have a quick look to see if anything obvious jumps out at us?

Re: Merchant account suspended

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Hey Cozy,


Sorry for your account being suspended. To learn more about User safety - Advertising policy, visit here. Google's support phone number changes from one country to another. Kindly visit this link, to make sure you have called the right number.


If you called the right number, may be the business hours is done for today. Business hours will also be mentioned in the above link.



Shafi Ahamed


Re: Merchant account suspended

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typically, user-safety relates to transparency or the business-model or both.

forum members can mainly offer suggestions based on
the information that is posted here in the public forums.

generally, for product-listing-ads user-safety suspensions check the following areas:

(1) unsafe websites, e-commerce, or data-collection
(a) any insecure web-page during any phase of ecommerce checkout;
(b) any data collection whatsoever that is not properly https/ssl secure;
(c) any data collection unrelated to the product purchase;
(d) any hidden or undisclosed data collection;
(e) any hidden, framed, redirected, multi-window, or popup ecommerce (checkout);

(2) questionable product inventory, billing, or business practices
(a) inaccurate, unclear, or nonexistent inventory availability information;
(b) inaccurate, unclear, or nonexistent inventory condition information;
(c) inaccurate, unclear, incomplete, or nonexistent contact information --
this typically means business name, physical address, land-line phone, email;
(d) inaccurate, unclear, mismatched, or multiple prices or currencies;
(e) unclear,inconspicuous, or nonexistent return policy --
this typically means a clear return policy (link) for all landing-pages;
(f) unclear billing;
(g) billing for a service, auction, or subscription;
(i) supply-chains that cannot be verified;
(j) supply-chains related to drop-shippers or cataloged programs;
(k) supply-chains related to affiliates (outside of google's beta-program);
(l) excessive or obstructive advertisement practices;
(m) listing your physical inventory from multiple websites or marketplaces --
this typically means having items listed from both a private website and
marketplaces such as atomic-mall, addoway, artfire, bluejay, bonanza, ebay,
ebid, ecrater, etsy, nexttag, pricegrabber, rubylane, or any similar venue;
generally, your physical inventory can be submitted from only one source.

(3) inappropriate sales techniques
(a) offers submitted as a single unit but requiring a minimum purchase;
(b) offers related to, or bundled with, a service or subscription;
(c) offers that require recurring, negative-option, or scheduled payments;
(d) free trials or trial offers;
(e) free products, free gifts, or other incentives;
(f) any digital content or download methods violating google's policies;
(g) any digital purchase that requires additional software;
(h) multiple template-driven, auto-generated, or duplicated websites;
(i) multiple listings for variant products without identical item_group_id;

(4) misleading or unsafe content or products
(a) any content or product page that is hidden or frames another website;
(b) any content or product page that mirrors or copies another similar website;
(c) any content or product page that is deceptively redirected;
(d) any content or product page that results in a non-functioning back-button;
(e) missing proper disclaimers required by google, or local or federal laws;
(f) missing proper information related to any (health) side-effects or risks;
(g) missing adult TRUE or non-family settings for family-unfriendly products;
(h) any product claim that is unrealistic, incredible, or unreasonable;
(i) any product claim that is inaccurate, or unverified;
(j) any product claim by testimonial or endorsement;
(k) any product claim related in any way to miracle cures or miraculous results;
(l) any product claim or benefit beyond the abilities of modern medicine;
(m) any claim of accreditation or affiliation without proper verification --
(n) any url links or emblems that imply such an accreditation or affiliation;
(o) any implied affiliation with google;

as was indicated, a google-adwords representative from
the google-ads-team may also be contacted directly --

be certain to use the drop-down country menu, and the
drop-down language menu, to display the appropriate
contact details for your country, language, and time zone.

also, when contacting adwords, be certain to mention that
the (suspension) issue relates to "product listing ads".

see also

Re: Merchant account suspended

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Re: Merchant account suspended

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Hi Dave, I am also facing same problem. Due to technical problem site was down for 2 days and my merchant account suspended. can you please help me out to remove that error?