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Merchant account suspended for user safety

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Our site has been suspended for 'user safety (e.g. missing contact information, missing terms of service)'.  All the contact information is there. I am not sure what isn't clear about our pricing and charging methods.  Below is the email we have received, does anyone have any tips on what we are missing?  




I checked the site (shortened the url, don't want this to get indexed) and see that additional changes are required to comply with our policy. Google Shopping doesn't allow billing or pricing models that aren't transparent to users. They must clearly tell users how they'll be charged.


The billing terms and conditions must be clear and conspicuous to users.
The billing terms and conditions cannot just be provided via a link.
The prices and billing methods must be easily located on your website and conspicuous to users. Providing prices and billing information in very small print on the website isn't considered conspicuous to users.
Subscription-only billing and products are not allowed.

Consequently, negative option billing isn't allowed. Negative option billing is a type of billing model whereby users are charged a recurring fee at a regular interval, like $9.99/week. Under this model, users are automatically bound to a pricing model that doesn't allow them to cancel unless they request the cancellation prior to receiving the first bill.
I hope this helps clarify things. Please let me know once the above changes are made to the site so that I can get the site reviewed by our specialists.


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Re: Merchant account suspended for user safety

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generally, be certain that the link landing-page submitted contains one
clear price, one item, and one add-to-cart or similar e-commerce button
that exactly matches the exact item-offer submitted -- that specific url
landing-page likeky could not be submitted within the submitted (feed)
data as a link url value.

contact information usually must include a valid email,
physical address that can be resolved on google-maps,
and a telephone-number that will ring and be answered.

also, be certain that items submitted as in stock
are currently in your on-hand physical inventory.

the best likely course would be to directly contact a support
specialist to ask for guidance -- especially before making
any changes to the submitted data (feed) or website.

Re: Merchant account suspended for user safety

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This is very much a standard requirement, the same applies to all online / ecommerce merchants. Another way to look at it is that it is good practice to provide all of these details in an organized way on your website, to help increase customer confidence and of course your own sales.

I had a quick look at the site ( great product Smiley Happy ) and would also recommend that you get yourself some alternative payment options ( I see you only offering the Amazon checkout ). Certainly worth adding some extras if you can.

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