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Merchant account suspended due to language used in returns policy - illogical

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Hi, we recently set up a number of products feeds - one for each country we are targeting.


The ones for the US, UK and Germany are approved and running.


However for Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium, our account has been suspended due to "policy violation: return and refund policy"


We wrote Google Shopping Support about 2 weeks ago who responded that this was because our returns policy was in English and we would need to translate it for said countries.


We have written them back 3 times over the past 11 days without receiving any response. The questions are:




What language exactly should we translate our returns policy into in the cases of Ireland and Singapore? Both have English as an official language.



With regards to Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium, we are allowed to upload product feeds in English for these countries specifically, but not allowed to have an English returns policy on the site? We do not understand the logic? 



If we are in fact required to translate our returns policy for these 3 countries, what makes them different from Germany, where we are allowed to display the returns policy in English.?


As written, Google Shopping Support does not respond, so we hope to find some help here. This is baffling.


Thank you,



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Merchant account suspended due to language used in returns policy - illogical

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Normally there is no need for multiple languages for privacy policy, however targeting certain countries or with multiple feeds, might require multiple or different languages. 


In the end Google has the final say it what you can and can not do. You can use the link below to find supported languages, however do note the supported languages has nothing to do with which language the privacy policy needs to be


I recommend contacting Google directly if you continue to have an issue.


Hope it helps.

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Merchant account suspended due to language used in returns policy - illogical

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Thank you, appreciate it. But as you can see on the list, English is the accepted language for both Ireland and Singapore, yet Google support told me to translate our returns policy for these countries.


Our site being English-only, I asked Google what language to translate the policy into, then, but I have had no reply after 2 weeks with 4 emails and support requests sent to them during this time. Their support is absurdly poor. 

Merchant account suspended due to language used in returns policy - illogical

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generally, be certain that the website and landing-page both show the
exact same information, to all users, regardless of any user-specific
information such as ip-address, browser user-agent, physical location, etc.

conversely, be certain that the website and landing-page do not
change, in any way whatsoever, based on any user-specific detail
such as ip-address, browser, user-agent, physical location, etc.

also, be certain the web-pages, especially any shipping and refund pages,
function properly for all users and do not change dynamically based on
any user-specific detail.

also, be certain there are no dynamically generated pages or
machine-generated translations, based on any user detail and
all pages function properly and identically regardless of country.

more generally, all landing-pages must show the exact same information
to all users regardless of any user-specific details such as a user's location,
ip-address, browser, user-agent, physical location, etc., or is otherwise a
policy violation and grounds for disapproval or a (permanent) suspension

from the program, at any time.

to be in compliance with the policies, landing-pages usually must be separate
per target-country or use url parameters with server-side implementation details;


also, be certain that any item designated as in stock can be shipped to the
customer in a timely manner and the item can be delivered to all locations
within the (registered feed's) target-country and any locations listed within
the merchant-center-account's shipping settings.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
posting the specific claimed website domain, a specific landing-page url, one
or two (feed) entries of submitted data with all submitted attributes and values,

exact account screen-captures of any related errors or warnings, any specific

email information from google (minus any account or personal details) etc,

may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.


this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum; forum-members

can mainly offer suggestions based on the specific

details posted here within the public forum.

otherwise, try using the gear-icon, within the ad-account --
weekdays during normal business-hours, for account-specific
contact possibilities, such as via email or phone.

the best likely course is to continue working directly with google.

google is the final arbiter of all policies.

see also