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Merchant account suspended again and again

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Hello All,


We have been trying to activate our merchant suspended account from last four attempts. I have contacted the support team, still no help. Can anyone fix my account? 

Submitted Product URL:

Merchant ID: 122527261

Suspended reason:

Misrepresentation of self or product


Need HELP!


Dear Google Merchant Center User,

We've found policy violations in your Merchant Center account (, ID: 122527261). Your Merchant Center account has been suspended, and your products are no longer promoted on Shopping ads.



The Google Merchant Center Team


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Merchant account suspended again and again

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First of all I would check if your product meets every policy requirement regarding misrepresentation of self or product:


Second I would suggest you to look in your feed if everything is filled out correctly


With the information provided I can't help you, either you have to check the suggested articles or provide me with some more specific details regarding the suspended reason.


Best regards,



Merchant account suspended again and again

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Thanks Joep P,


1. What more information you need from our end?

2. Below the link to google feed.

3. If you want credentials I can provide you in person (drop you email id below)



Merchant account suspended again and again

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a misrepresentation policy violation can be rather
serious and such suspensions may be permanent --
if so, there is no fix possible and google will simply
continue to suspend any related sites or accounts.

generally, a misrepresentation policy violation relates to
how products or a business has been represented to the

public, especially over time.

be certain that all contact, refund, and return details are valid and accurate.

be certain that the items being submitted are physically in stock and
are being held in the merchant's current, on hand, physical inventory.

be certain that there have not been multiple similar websites,
similar inventory on similar websites, or multiple ad-accounts,
that have been used for shopping-ads, especially over time.

be certain that the same or similar physical inventory have not
existed on third-party websites or venues, such as marketplaces,
that may have also been used to submit shopping-ads.


be certain that there is a very good track-record of ratings and reviews
for the products being sold, the business, and any related businesses --
especially fully addressing any negative reviews related to the business
and products being sold.

regardless, for permanent suspensions, about the way to fix the issue
is to use other advertising services, that do not involve google, at all --
there is no other fix.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions or possibilities
based on the information and details posted here in public;

requesting any off-line support, or support outside the forum,

of other forum-members is not allowed.


google does not address account-specific issues here in public.



Merchant account suspended again and again

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Your address is a storage unit shared by many other online businesses. It isn't big enough to carry all that stock, so presumably you are drop-shipping. That could be the reason. 


Certainly the phone doesn't belong with the premises...



Merchant account suspended again and again

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Thank you for the response.


Can you suggest any other advertising services?


Merchant account suspended again and again

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You can try Adwords Text, Adwords Youtube and Adwords Display.


Any other advertising platform, I suggest to use a search engine to find it. As we are not allowed to share 3rd party links.

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