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Merchant Spamming Ads

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Hi folks,


I'm the current Web Guy at my business. We've recently decided to start using a Google Shopping campaign, but are a little dubious. One of our major PPC competitors has Google Shopping locked down, and is doing so by spamming the same product under a myriad of different titles.


I've tried to look into how I can report individuals like this to Google, but I'm at a loss.


Can anyone steer me in the right direction or give me some insight on the best road to tackle this problem? It feels like we'd need to adhere to the same underhanded tactics to get our presence known.




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Re: Merchant Spamming Ads

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for google-shopping (product-listing-ads), potential policy

violations by others may reported directly to google here --
google typically requires the proper ad-click (aclk) url's,
that lead directly to the merchant's landing-page, and a
simple but cogent summary of the potential violation.

submitting the same item-offer more than once is a
policy violation and is grounds for a disapproval or
permanent suspension from the program, at any time.

duplicate-content and duplicate-products are both not allowed --
only one, single, listing per (physical) product is allowed.

however, multiple variants of the same item may have slightly different titles --
if each, in stock, variant submitted has, a title with an identical common-part

and a variant-part that identifies the specific variant, a valid variant-attribute

value, and identical  item_group_id values -- for all items in a variant-group.

different bundled-offers with some identical products are also allowed.

google may or may not list multiple variants or multiple bundled-offers
as product-listing-ads from the same merchant, for a given search-term.


product-listing-ads and other ad-formats, from the same

merchant, are also allowed, and may be listed together.

note that google typically investigates each violation compared
against current policies -- not in comparison to other merchants;
an item, feed, website, merchant, or account may be disapproved or
(permanently) suspended, at any time, regardless of other merchants.

submitting a test-feed is recommended, before submitting
the active, live, products-feed, to help avoid a disapproval.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies.

see also

Re: Merchant Spamming Ads

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Great, thanks for the detailed response! I'll look into your suggestions deeper.

Re: Merchant Spamming Ads

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Also just a heads up: on May 16th all products that have a GTIN (UPC in the US) will need to provide this in the product feed. If your competitor isn't the only seller of these products and/or they do have a legit UPC then this policy change should resolve the issue of showing the same product under multiple titles. Not knowing your business it's also possible that these products are all variations.
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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