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Merchant Feed products with date ranges

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A client sells automotive products where each SKU is applicable for multi year ranges. For example "2008-2011 Ford Mustang exhausts". If I just have a single row for each SKU how can I capture customers who are searching for 2009, 2010 Mustang exhaust? Should I create a separate row with each year with the same product ID or use variants column for the year? 

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Re: Merchant Feed products with date ranges

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compatible product information (makes, models, years, etc.)
may be added near the end of the description attribute --
using standard (english) sentences, grammar, and punctuation.

submitting such information as separate items (rows) or as variants
are policy violations and grounds for items being removed from the
auctions, disapproval, or (permanent) suspension from the program,
at any time.

id must be unique per physical item, per target-county,
and should never change once submitted; a best practice
is to use a mix of letters and numbers for an id -- e.g.

only items that are physically in the merchant's current
on-hand physical inventory, that can be purchased on the
merchant's website, can be submitted as an in stock item --
a row with the item's unique id.


as a slight aside, variants are physical product variants that come
in a different color, size, material, or pattern (decal) -- and must be
physically in the merchant's stock to be submitted as a variant item;

variants are submitted with a unique id, identical item_group_id, and

at least one unique variant value, for all items in a variant group.


Re: Merchant Feed products with date ranges

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As per Celebird's statement I suggest you focus on search terms that have the highest impressions. I have a client that has similar titles as yours and we have opted to remove the years as barely anybody is searching for them.

If you look into your search console or analytics, try and see if people are effectively searching for Mustang Exhaust in combination with the year.

If there are a very small percentage of search terms associated to the year, I would opt it out. And focus on the search terms that have more relevance. The title should reflect the product and what the customer is looking for. This will yield the highest conversion rate.
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