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Merchant Feed: Images

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We are currently revamping our website. We have approximately 5k products (all same type of product) that don't have product images. The manufacturer doesn't have the product shots, and that it's not tenable for us to take them ourselves.
1. Does it hinder us to have products without images?
2. Can we use a boilerplate image for all 5k?
3. Will Google penalize us for said boilerplate image?


Thank you for all suggestions/advice.



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Re: Merchant Feed: Images

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the short answers are:

(1) yes; (2) no; (3) yes.


(1) items without a proper product image
are a violation of the policies and grounds
for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

(2) boilerplate or placeholder images are also
not allowed, are also a violation of the policies,
and are grounds for disapproval or suspension.

(3) any one serious violation of the policies, multiple violations of any policy,
or any violation that is flagged and not fixed in a timely manner, are grounds
for a (permanent) suspension from the program, at at any time.

simply do not submit any item -- that is not currently held in physical
on-hand stock, does not have a proper product image, or does not

or cannot follow all shopping-ad rules, specifications, requirements,

and policies, for submitted data, images, or the landing-page.

a best-practice is to inspect all the current rules, policies, requirements,
specifications, recommendations, and guidelines, for all submitted data,
images, landing-pages, the website, the business, the business-model,
supply-chains, etc., before submitting any product inventory (feed) data
to google for shopping-ads.

otherwise, there are many other campaign-types and ad-formats,

that may be a much better fit, than shopping-ads, for advertising

certain types of items or offers.

see also


Re: Merchant Feed: Images

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Thank you for your quick reply.

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