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Merchant Centre No Longer Allowed Related Products on Landing Page?

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We have had our Merchant Centre Feed suspended by Google.


Firstly we received no email notification of any issues. We then contacted Google who said there was no issue and would get back to us and enable the feed. 

After 10 days I have heard nothing from Google so I called again.


I have now been told that the policy for landing pages in shopping feeds has changed and you are no longer allowed to show ANY other products on the landing page, no related items, best sellers, new products, sidebar products or "people who bought this also bought" products.


Although the landing page policy says that the product must be prominent I have been told by Google themselves that the policy team have changed this policy without notifying anyone.


Has anyone else run into similar issues with Google policy team changing the policy on landing pages? Is this correct that the landing page can no longer show ANY other products at all however small?


This is costing me thousands of pounds and I cannot get a straight answer or response from Google, any assistance would be gratefully received.



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Re: Merchant Centre No Longer Allowed Related Products on Landing Page?

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there were overall adjustments to the policies and policy enforcement
starting in the february time frame -- although google may reinspect a
product, image, submitted data, account, or website, at any time.

generally, only one, single, item-offer with one, single, price,
and matching image, with one, single, add-to-cart or similar
button should be on the page and be prominent -- the offer

must be essentially identical to the offer submitted.

any microdata on the site must reflect that exact item-offer, only --
or the optional automatic-item-updates feature must be disabled.

google strongly recommends that variant products be preselected --
either server-side via a url-parameter or as a separate landing page.

typically, other images or other products cannot be on the landing-page
if they also contain prices, add-to-cart buttons, or interfere in any way

with either the item-offer's prominence or with providing a high-quality

experience to users.

google is the final arbiter of prominent, high-quality, and all
policies and may request that other items be removed or

adjusted, depending on the website and item-offer details.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or account;
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the information that
is posted here within the public forums -- for example, having an actual link
landing-page url from the submitted data (feed) may help.

otherwise, asking for a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support-specialist, when contacting google directly, may help.

Re: Merchant Centre No Longer Allowed Related Products on Landing Page?

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HI Celebird

Thank you for your response.

All products have been dissaproved but the url for an example suggested by Google is

I think its clearly prominent and is the only thing that can be bought on that page.

I have spoken to Google but noone can tell me definitively what the issue is and I have received no email from Google to explain or assist. I have lodged a complaint 5 days ago and no response either.

Is there any way to contact someone in Google who can actually explain the problem so we can fix it? Does anyone from Google monitor any forums or similar?

Appreciate any assistance.


Re: Merchant Centre No Longer Allowed Related Products on Landing Page?

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the link.

that landing-page contains rich-snippets; either the sku or a gtin within
the microdata must exactly match the id or gtin in the submitted (feed)
data -- a best-practice for apparel items is to verify that the microdata
has a sku and exactly matches the submitted item's id -- otherwise, simply
be certain that the (optional) automatic-item-updates feature is disabled
within the merchant-center-account and only one item with a price is on
the landing-page.

there seems to be another (rrp) price on the page;
there seems to be other items with prices on the page;
that does not look to be a valid mpn (microdata) value.


prominent with respect to the item-offer usually must include

a larger font and distinct, more prominent, color from all other

prices on the page -- or the only price on the page.

be certain to also check the diagnostics-tab for any account, feed, or item
issues within the blue-boxes and the individual item status by clicking on
an item's title under the products-tab, within the merchant-center-account --
a single disapproval can be for multiple issues.

direct contact with a person at google is here:
asking for a merchant-center product-listing-ads specialist sometimes helps.


a best-practice is to not make any changes

until after consulting with a person at google.

google does monitor the forums -- but tends not to
address any account-specific issues here in public.

Re: Merchant Centre No Longer Allowed Related Products on Landing Page?

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HI Celebird

Thanks for your feedback on the site.

We have made some changes which we would appreciate any feedback on:

We have now removed all prices from the associated, related and best selling products, etc.
We have made the price on the featured item larger and more prominent.
The MPN HT32 is correct on this product.
The RRP for the product simply shows the savings made by the customer.

I have spoken to Google and have been told by 3 people there is no issue, 1 person has told me that we cannot show related products etc. and another has told us the feed data is showing incorrect sizes. I have been told I will be emailed with a detailed description of the issue, but I have received no emails to date.This is why it is so difficult for us to actually understand the issue to be able to resolve it.

Thanks again for your thoughts.


Re: Merchant Centre No Longer Allowed Related Products on Landing Page?

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first, you're welcome and thank you for the update.

the best likely course is to simply continue working directly with google --
a single disapproval can be for multiple site and submitted data issues.

the mpn has a leading mpn-label, this should likely be changed to only the
value and any mpn-label outside the tags, with respect to the microdata --
unless the manufacturer actually uses "mpn" as an assigned value, which
is rather unlikely.

mpn is always optional and not required for any item; any global-trade-data
that is submitted, however, must be as assigned by the brand-manufacturer.

all submitted data must match the microdata or, the
automatic-items-update feature should be disabled.

for example, mpn must match the manufacturer's mpn value and the feed:
<meta itemprop="mpn" content="HT32" />

for example, sku must match the id value within the submitted data (feed):
<meta itemprop="sku" content="abc123" />

a recognized size value for apparel is required -- or is an additional policy
violation and is also grounds for a disapproval or suspension, at any time.

a valid google-regconized size value, for an item
that does not have a specific size, is (one of):
one size
one size fits all
one size fits most

see also