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Merchant Centre Image Issues

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We upload a feed is some 1500 products but about 100 are rejected by google due to images and we can not understand why. As far as we can see they meet the guidelines. Anyone got any ideas?? We at present are only uploading one image per product as concentrating on getting at least one image working. May we also ask what use are the additional images as I never see them display anywhere in shopping ads. Know useful if a product has say colour options ensuring correct colour is displayed. 

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Re: Merchant Centre Image Issues

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generally, images must meet all google's rules and polices; for example --

- the image must be of the product alone;


- google must be able to crawl all images at all times;
some web-servers cannot keep pace with all google's
crawl requests, especially for very large images --
be certain that all image link url's are accessible,
at all times, respond properly to google's requests,
and the image size is about 300x300 pixels or so --
not much larger nor smaller.

- the background must be entirely white or entirely transparent;

- the product must be at least 75%, but no more than 90%, of the full image;

- the photo should be crisp and clear;

- variant items in colors or patterns must match the exact item being sold --

only physical inventory items may be submitted and images must match;

- text cannot exist anyplace on the image;

- promotions, watermarks, logos, or any other ancillary marks, are not allowed;

- the image should not contain any ancillary objects;

- generic images or placeholder images are not allowed;

- no borders;


as to additional images --

google may publish specifications, for feed attributes, well in advance
of future features to allow merchants time to review the specifications
and prepare the data -- currently, additional_image_link images have

been used by google, primarily for apparel-related items within specific

contexts, and may be used by google, in the future, for other types of

items; all shopping-ad format and display details are purely at google's

discretion and may change at any time.

additional_image_link images must adhere to all image policies --
there are additional rules and policies related to additional-images;
such images should simply show different angles or staging elements.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum -- forum-members cannot
look into accounts or submitted-data; posting more specific information,
here in public, such as the exact data being submitted, url links to the
exact images being submitted, any specific messages, screen-captures,
etc., may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, google may be contacted.