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Merchant Centre Feed via Google Sheets - Update limit 250 Rows

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Hi all,

I run an online store with over 10,000 products.
I've recently changed my Merchant Centre feed to fetch from Google Sheets so that some of the fields could be auto-updated using Structured Data.


However I discovered that, when trying to update from the website, the GMC add-on in Google Sheets only allows you to update 250 rows at a time, which means I would have to do this manually 40 times every time I perform sitewide stock updates or price changes.


Aside from the fact that this seems mind-bogglingly stupid to me, does anyone have a way around this?

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Re: Merchant Centre Feed via Google Sheets - Update limit 250 Rows

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that sounds correct -- the update-from-website feature, of the

google-sheet's merchant-center-add-on, that updates attributes

within the sheet, via the site's structured-data, is rather limited,

and designed mainly for smaller sets of inventory,

about the only likely workaround is batching the updates, as suggested.

generally, update-from-website is not designed for large inventory.

regardless, currently, using structured-data, for any similar updates, is
mainly a minor stop-gap to help fix a small subset of attribute mismatches,
such as price or physical on hand availability, for a very small subset of
inventory items -- and is not designed for major updates or to replace
the regular, more robust, updates, of all product-data.


all items must be resubmitted at least monthly, typically five-days

before the items are scheduled to expire -- in addition to immediate

updates whenever changes to the site or physical inventory occur.

long-term, the best likely course would be to consider
using a server-based solution, possibly coordinated with
the e-commerce and physical inventory-control systems,

and able to handle large sets of physical on-hand inventory.