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Merchant Center stopped picking up my feeds suddenly

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Two days ago, Merchant Center just stopped seeing any data in my feeds. I have 3 feeds running, scheduled to pick up daily from a Google Sheet. All the formatting is correct in the Google Sheet according to the add-on, but Merchant Center says that it recognized no data in the sheet and picks nothing up. Nothing changed with the sheet, it just stopped picking data. Any idea why?

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Merchant Center stopped picking up my feeds suddenly

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navigate to the products-feeds-tab within the merchant-center-account; e.g.
(a) click on each feed's name and inspect the status-section;
(b) click the edit-spreadsheet button and verify the spreadsheet
can be loaded and viewed, contains proper products-feed data;
(c) within the sheet, click the blue-share-button, then advanced,
and verify anyone-who-has-the-link-can-view is still selected;
(d) click on schedule and verify the schedule has not been paused;
(e) click on feed-rules and be certain no rules are blocking processing.

navigate to the products-list-tab within the merchant-center-account; e.g.
- click on an item's title;
- inspect the technical-details area and last-update-on date;
- click on the source-feed link and verify (a) - (e) above;
- click on information-you-provided-us and verify the data matches the sheet.

generally, only one, single, feed should be registered pre target-country
and a spreadsheet can only be used for one, single, registered feed --
otherwise, at some point in time, google's automated processing, will
likeky become confused.

regardless of the number of feeds, all submitted
data is funneled into the same linked ad-account --
so only one, single, feed is needed per target-country.


the one, single, registered feed can handle about 100,000 inventory items.


also, carefully inspect the diagnostics tab within the merchant-center --

- click on any blue-boxes for the account,
feeds, and items, under current-issues;
- click on some dates within the graph of submitted-data
and then inspect any corresponding historical issues;

- hover over all issues-flags, on the far-left, and click

on any corresponding learn-more and related links.


also, within the merchant-center feed status, click on fetch-now and
verify the data can be properly processed and the number of items
processed exactly matches the number of item-rows in the sheet.

otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer community forum --
forum-members cannot look into any feed-data or accounts;
posting more specific details of the feeds and list
information from the merchant-center-account and
spreadsheet details -- here within the public forum,
may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact google directly.