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Merchant Center shows Items preemptively disapproved due to data quality violation

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My merchant center was working fine. I refresh the feed manually every month by fetching the google sheet every month. This month after fetching the feed it started showing below error on half of the products in feed:


Items preemptively disapproved due to data quality violation (Data Quality: Promotional Text or Watermarks)


These images were approved and working fine from last 1.5 years and don't understand why this issue is showing this month.


Here are few examples of images. These are exploded views and all the stores selling these items use such images.


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Merchant Center shows Items preemptively disapproved due to data quality violation

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for hardware-related items, the main image_link may show an illustration,
rather than a photo, of the item-offer, but the illustration must show only
the exact, specific, main product, being sold and shipped to the user.

watermarks, logos, or any text -- that are not part of the main
physical inventory-item being sold -- are generally not allowed.

such general illustrations, that may point-to
the main item-offer being shipped, may only
be submitted using the additional_image_link --

assuming the illustration meets all google's

rules and policies for additional-images.


for example, the physical-product being sold must be hardware

and the item must be submitted with a google_product_category

value that is under the hardware taxonomy, for google to allow

an illustration, for the exact item being sold and shipped;


Hardware > Hardware Accessories > Hardware Fasteners > Screws

Hardware > Hardware Accessories

otherwise, the product-image submitted to google, for shopping-ads, must
be a photograph, that shows a clear view of the main product being sold.

for small items, that are not part of the hardware-category, this may mean
a clear close-up photo, of the specific item-offer being shipped, with exact
dimensions submitted within the title, description, and size attributes.

as to working fine for the last 1.5 years --

google is constantly checking and rechecking items and images for issues
and quality -- importantly perhaps, not all submitted data and images are

always checked, or always checked for all possible issues -- google may
issue a disapproval or suspension flag, at any time.


since google may only flag examples or samples of issues, carefully inspecting
all items and images, by hand, for any similar issues as those being flagged,
and against all current rules and policies, before any other items are flagged,
is usually prudent -- especially for any preemptive-disapproval -- to help avoid
a more permanent suspension from the program, at any time.

google is also, constantly improving, tuning, and
updating, their policy-violation-detection systems --
the systems may, sometimes suddenly, become

overly sensitive to the most minor policy-violation.

the length of time an item or related image has been active,
in no way indicates that that item, image, or landing-page,
has been adhering to all the current rules and policies, and
in no way indicates that a person at google has approved
any specific product or image that was being submitted.

the length of time an item, image, or ad, has been active,
also has no impact on google's policy-related decisions.

more generally, google expects high-quality data to be submitted,
with adherence to all current rules and policies, at all times --
regardless of any item, image, landing-page, website, product,
business, business-practice, or supply-chain, being currently
flagged for a policy-issue, or not.

a best-practice is to review all current specifications, requirements,
rules, policies, and recommendations, for a business, physical item
inventory, types of products, variants, the website, landing-pages,
e-commerce shopping-cart and secure checkout-flow, taxes and vat,
shipping and delivery, product images, and all submitted-data, with
respect to the target-country, shopping-ads and the merchant-center,
before submitting any items, so that there are no flagged issues --
generally, google expects high-quality data to be submitted and
adherence to all current rules and policies, at all times.

this is primarily a peer-to-peer forum; forum-members can mainly
offer suggestions based on the information posted here in public.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly for guidance.

google is the final arbiter of all policies.

see also