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Merchant Center getting wrong price from our site

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We have this error on lots of pages. Here is one example


The price for Oki C511dn Multipack - Compatible Toner Cartridges on this page - is £88.20


The price in our feed is £88.20 (Item ID 20682)


The structured data testing tool shows we have the page marked up correctly and the product (sku 20682) is priced at £88.20 -


However, for automatic item updates, Merchant Center is seeing the price as £26.40.

Price on your site £26.40 (Last checked on: 16 September 2015 at 05:41:14 BST)


This happens to be the price of the next product down on the page.


Can anyone tell us why Merchant Center is picking up the price £26.40 for the product with ItemID 20682?


Thank you for any help.

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Re: Merchant Center getting wrong price from our site

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If you have complete control over the website, then the easiest path is to try not to have more than one price on the page.


Is there any way to show the prices of other products as gifs or maybe JS encoded somehow? Perhaps AJAX them in later?


Google also has has been known to misinterpret items with multiple price options, so it's easier to configure the website to show a page to google with only 1 price, and for other options, just make links.


I know your hand is probably flat on your head at this point, sorry.

Re: Merchant Center getting wrong price from our site

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The reason you have allot of mismatch is because you have an itemscope assigned to all your price listings.

The purpose of itemscope for Google Shopping is to show them which one is the correct price. So if you have an itemscope price assigned to 10 prices. Than Google will still not know which one is correct. So this means you have to remove the itemscope of all unrelated products. And only list the itemscope price to the relevant price.
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