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Merchant Center - Woocommerce Parent Products necessity

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Hi Community,


I am pretty new to Merchant Center and looked already a lot for some feedback/answers but couldn't find anything yet. My current setup is as following:


Woocommerce Shop with Export Plugin

around 1600 products, most of them with variants

Google Merchant Feed already working

Display Marketing with Adwords in progress


My Question is: As we do have a lot of variable products, what is your recommendation and best experience when using variable products in Merchant center - should the parent product also be exported and then imported into Merchant Center or should there be only the variants (as it is currently in my enviroment)?


My experience, especially since trying to use Remarketing and analyzing with Google Tag Assistant, is, that many users of the shop are landing on the "main page/parent product page" of a product which is showing the parent product ID. When they then choose a variant, the product page itself is not refreshing. So, my assumption would be, and also the Tag Assistant shows me, that the Remarketing Tag is not valid as the parent product id could not be found in the merchant center feed, that also Dynamic Remarketing will not work. (Additional Info: Yes, I am using the Item Group ID and all other ecommerce information correctly)


Now, when I export the parent product, it comes without a price per default and so it is not accepted within merchant center. Nevertheless Structured Data analysis would be showing price info also on parent product


What is your opinion or recommendation?

Ex/Importing also Parent products together with the variant products and setting a manual price in the export sheet?(or try another export plugin)

Keep only the variable products and ignore google tag assistant error? What's the impact especially on Dynamic Remarketing?


Thanks a lot upfront for your feedback!


Best regards

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Merchant Center - Woocommerce Parent Products necessity

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(1a) no;
(1b) no;
(1c) check with woocommerce-support and the woocommerce-forums;
(2) parent-pages are not allowed -- for shopping-ads or dynamic-display-ads.

google has strict rules for variants.

only physical inventory items, with a matching price on the landing-page,
are allowed to be submitted -- so-called parent-products are not allowed.

both the displayed-data and structured-data, on the link landing-page,
must match the submitted, physical inventory item details, at all times,
for all users, in all locations.

generally, only submit landing-pages with only one,
specific, exact, for-sale, physical inventory item with
only one, single, specific, exact, price on the page --
never submit parent, category, group, or similar pages.

any mismatches among the actual physical inventory item being sold,
the submitted data for the item-offer, the landing-page's displayed
details, the corresponding structured-data, or the default add-to-cart
item during checkout, is grounds for a disapproval, or a suspension
from the program, at any time.

remarketing/display-ads have different and separate policies from shopping-ads;
although, google may decide to protect their users by suspending an advertiser,
if there are too many, or too frequent, or any serious policy-issues, over time --

since many of the rules and policies overlap.

for submitting only the allowed physical inventory, and ensuring that
the website landing-page's displayed details and any structured-data,
comply with google's rules and policies, the best likely course would
be to contact the e-commerce support organization, the plug-in
developer, or both.

see also