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Merchant Center - Tax Settings Hell

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Hi Everyone


For the last 3 weeks my merchant center account is disabled since Google thinks my account taxes settings are wrong.

Though, Google does not provide an adequate way to properly configure taxes in the Merchant center.

Originally I set everything to be destination based and let Google take care of it. Well, this is why my account got disabled.

Google.... for everything I love about your products, you got this one dead wrong.


We have nexus (collect taxes) in 41 states, that means thousands of counties, cities, special rates etc'.

In the tax settings in the Merchant center there is no way to specify all the settings for proper calculation of taxes.

  1. If you set it to automatic and destination based: the calculation is off, and you get your account disabled.
  2. If you set it to manual and try to specify every County, City, Special rate etc'. those are not available.
  • The city Tempe is not listed in the state of Arizona. 
  • I can't specify special tax for Denver, CO.
  • There is only one county listed for the state of Denver: Broomfield (the rest are not available)

     3. If i switch it to manual, you can't specify the different rate for the different locations, I can only specify one rate.



"Thank you" google for only being available via email (you can't talk to that department) it's great that I get a response every 3 days. I "really" enjoy this.


Anyone has any ideas?

There is no way I'm the only one with that problem.


Thanks in advance and I apologize about the attitude, I'm at the end of my rope.


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Merchant Center - Tax Settings Hell

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This is a member to member forum, meaning people like you.


One way is to use the data feed to submit all tax information, which in itself is a big setup but possible.

More info :


You can submit this data ether from the primary feed, or use a supplement feed.


As for the Tax tool in Google Merchant missing areas and not being easy to use, I recommend you send feedback to them in the top right corner of Google Merchant > feedback


I hope the alternative is going to work for you.

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Merchant Center - Tax Settings Hell

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currently, there is no way to force google to support other nexus counties
or cities that are not currently listed as the predefined nexus-set by google --

the main purpose of the manual-option is to select a subset of the predefined
set, and cannot be used to add missing locales.

for the destination-based setting, google automatically calculates the location
of each user in the target-country -- generally, the full nexus set, subset, or
manual percentage, that is selected in the account, must match the item's

landing-page and e-commerce checkout, to avoid a policy-flag.

additionally, a tax_category attribute may be added to the feed,
and configured in the account as a tax-category, to fill the gap
of locales not covered in the nexus-settings -- this has limited
usage since the percentage-set covers all remaining locales in
each previously configured state, but can sometimes help fix

specific issues for certain states.

multiple tax rates may be submitted in the feed and overrides all settings --
for a google-xml data-feed file, multiple, separate, tax elements must be used;
for a spreadsheet/tab-delimited data-feed, multiple tax columns may be used,

or separated by commas, depending on the file content and delimiter details;
submitted tax may sometimes be integrated with an automated tax-collection api.

as an aside, google also offers the content-api-for-shopping --
where more complex tax details may be integrated with a third-party
tax-api, as settings to the merchant-account, or as submitted data.

as was indicated, this is mainly a peer-to-peer public forum --

forum-members cannot look into any account or submitted-data

details and can mainly offer suggestions based on details that

are posted here in public.

google may also be contacted directly by phone --
weekdays during normal business-hours is usually best.

when contacting google directly, indicating, early on, that the issues relate to
shopping-ads and specifically to the merchant-center-account sometimes helps.


see also


Merchant Center - Tax Settings Hell

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Thank you for the information.


To add more details, we are using the tax attribute to submit all our tax locations, and this would work well, if they did not limit the tax locations to 100 (please see where it mentions "Repeated field". We are submitting them as a supplemental feed. 


We have setup general taxes in the merchant center, as well as used wild cards and ranges in order to have as little repeating tax attributes per product , but we still have about 230 attributes and only the first 100 are being accepted (and the rest rejected). 


Contacting Google's has been of no help unfortunately. Even after many conversations the "front line" help does not have the capability to fix this issue (although they seem to understand) and after they escalate it, the only feedback we get is that our feed does not have all our taxes properly defined but they do not address the issue that we are submitting all our tax locations but their system only accepts the first 100. It's been impossible to contact anyone directly to explain this situation inside of Google at a lower level.


This is seemingly a simple issue but has become very complicated, please help.