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Merchant Center Shipping Setup for Google Shopping

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Hi I have a Shopify Store and I'm trying to set up the shipping in my Google Merchant Center.


Does anyone have a template on how you set up FREE SHIPPING? On my Shopify store I also offer products for Free but the customer has to pay the shipping. So if you have a way I can set this up that will be helpful. Also, I would like to sell in various countries. Do I have to set up each country one by one? Thanks!

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Re: Merchant Center Shipping Setup for Google Shopping

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(a) for free-shipping, a fixed-rate shipping value of 0.00 

may be set up within the the merchant-center-account:


(b) if only some items have free shipping, then a shipping_label

may be submitted to google, and used as a filter in the setting --

but in this case, that is likely not needed (see (c)).


(c) however, importantly perhaps, free items cannot be submitted as

shopping-ads and is grounds for disapproval, or a suspension from

the program, at any time.


all such items with a price of zero cannot be submitted, at all.


free products are not allowed.


(d) as to other countries,  if a feed-file is currently being used, 

then simply use google's automated-currency-conversion-settings --

add any additional countries, under the feed's setting-page.


a shipping-setting must also be set up, for each country targeted --

a separate shopping-campaign must also be added per country;

there are additional requirements if the languages are different.


if the website does not natively support a target-country, with fixed-prices

and the proper currency, proper language, proper e-commerce-checkout,

and a separate set of landing-pages, per target-country, then only google's 

currency-conversion-feature is allowed.


if a feed-file is not currently being used, so the settings can be added --

and the website does not currently support other countries, natively with

separate landing-pages -- then other countries cannot be targeted, at all.


for details on how to prevent such free items

from being submitted -- or supporting other

countries -- the best likely course would be 

to contact shopify-support directly.