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Merchant Center - Seller Rating Sources

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I was wondering if Google Places reviews help contribute to your "Overall Seller Rating" in merchant center? We are trying to get our rating to show in our Adwords ads but we are a low volume online store, in terms of amount of online sales, so the survey doesn't get many responses. We do have a number of reviews that get submitted to Google Places but that has not seemed to help us establish an "Overall Seller Rating" in the merchant center. 


We have

4.9 Star Rating on places with 145 Google reviews

5 Stars for 15 reviews on Yelp

5 Stars for 31 reviews on Houzz

5 Stars for 42 reviews on Facebook

10 out of 10 for 15 reviews on MapQuest


Is it mandatory that we subscribe to one of independent review websites listed at or will google aggregate these reviews for the rating?


Thank you for reading!

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Merchant Center - Seller Rating Sources

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As per documentation it does not state as being a supported platform, although it is not officially supported, you might still get these reviews listed.


It's easier to get your reviews listed if you have one of the 3rd parties listed in the documentation. The general rule is that you need 150 in 1 year with an average rating of 3.5 or above but not 5. Even than when you have successfully fulfilled the criteria, it is not a guaranteed to get the reviews listed.


Also I'm not sure if 150 reviews refers to 1 domain or multiple as Google's official documentation does not reflect this.


I recommend actively try to achieve 150 reviews on 1 domain supported by the list you have shared in the link.


Hope it helps.

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Merchant Center - Seller Rating Sources

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Thanks for the response Emmanuel. I will wait to see what happens when we hit the 150 reviews on google and if it's nothing review the third party options.

Merchant Center - Seller Rating Sources

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I just wanted to update this post for anyone who is also wondering. We now have had 171 Google Places Reviews for a couple of weeks and we still don't have an overall seller rating. 

Merchant Center - Seller Rating Sources

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currently, for seller-ratings-extensions, about the only google-related source
of review data are google-customer-reviews and google-customer-surveys --
all other sources usually must come from an approved-third-party source.


as was indicated, there are also published minimums

that must be maintained for seller-ratings-extensions

to be eligible to show -- even with approved sources.

google-my-business/google-places reviews may sometimes show
as star-ratings with respect to location-extensions, purely
at google's discretion -- but not seller-ratings-extensions.

generally, seller-ratings-extensions are a bit more strict,
with respect to how and what data is collected from users,
than with respect to location-extensions.