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Merchant Center Feed "URL Not Working Properly"

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I recently reuploaded my data feeds as they were set to expire.  Most products uploaded normally and are okay, but some arbitrary items are flagged as, "The URL specified in your data feed wasn't working correctly when we reviewed this item."


Here is the issue: all similar products (in the same URL sub-categories and of the same type) will be fine.  It will be one or two random products that are disapproved, and the amount seems to be steadily increasing.  I've tried crawling the site with our bots to make sure the pages can be crawled correctly, clicked the links in their Merchant Center product detail pages, and fired off an email to Google.  


What I am concerned about is why this keeps happening; it's one or two products every few days for no real reason, and as much as I love contacting Google to get it resolved, it's turning in to a full-time job.  Has anyone else been experiencing this or does anyone have more insight into issues like these?

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Re: Merchant Center Feed "URL Not Working Properly"

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generally, product variants cannot be submitted without
proper item_group_id and variant values or is otherwise
grounds for disapproval or suspension from the program,
at any time.

however, forum members cannot look into feeds or accounts --
the best likely course is to continue working with the person
at google who has been assigned to the case; only a person

at google can directly change a (disapproval) status.


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Re: Merchant Center Feed "URL Not Working Properly"

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Hi Team L,

When you hear back from support, do they say something is wrong with the URLs for those items? Or are they saying it's resolved at that point?