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Merchant Center Currency Conversion Tool

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How can we activate the Currency Conversion Tool?  My Product List is only shown in United States.

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Merchant Center Currency Conversion Tool

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to activate the new currency-conversion-feature,
simply add a specific target-country destination --
within the primary-feed's settings.

each converted currency will then be listed as a
separate country under the primary-feed and as
separate items for the country in the products-

list tab of the merchant-center.




Merchant Center Currency Conversion Tool

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Thanks Celebird.  I tried adding a specific country with Content API Feed but the Currency Conversion Tool still does not activate.  How many days will this take to appear?

Merchant Center Currency Conversion Tool

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Merchant Center Currency Conversion Tool

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Go to Google Merchant and check the status of the products, all products for all countries added will be listed and will show if they are approved or not.

If not, than you need to check the reasons of not being approved.


Hope it helps.

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Merchant Center Currency Conversion Tool

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first, you're welcome.

currency-conversion processing happens immediately after the
primary-feed has been re-fetched or re-submitted -- check the
processing details by clicking on the feed's name under the
products-feeds tab, within the merchant-center-account:

both countries should be listed under the feed's processing-tab.

click on the country-names, under the processing-tab, for any
processing informational, error, or warning messages, and be
certain that the number of valid-processed items match the
number of submitted-items.


note that if the content-api is used to insert items directly --
rather than submitting a feed -- then a feed-name will be added
by google, automatically, with a name of content-api; settings
under the content-api "feed" is where the currency-conversion
country/languge must be added, in that case.

all automated currency-converted items will be updated and listed under
the products-list tab, for all valid-processed items, about 2-72 hours or so,
after the primary-feed has been successfully processed -- depending on

the inventory size and other factors:

only valid-processed items will be added to
the products-list, with currency converted.

note that the shipping and language requirements will still need to be met --
shipping may need to be set within the account, or submitted within a
supplemental-feed and the primary-feed's titles and descriptions may
need to be human-translated and submitted in the supplemental-feed --
depending on the country/language that was added to the primary-feed,
for automated currency-conversion by google.

only (converted) items that meet all the rules and policies of the
converted-country and with a valid status for shopping-ads, will
be eligible for inclusion in a shopping-campaign.

check the status for each item in the merchant-center-account
by clicking on the item's title within the products-list-tab.

each target-country must have a separate shopping-campaign --
be certain a shopping-campaign's country settings matches the

converted-currency country and the items show in the products

tab of the shopping-campaign within the ad-account.

check the status for each item within the ad-account by
adding the product-status, country-of-sale, and language,
columns to the products-tab, within the shopping-campaign.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any accounts or submitted data --
posting more specific details, such as screen-captures of the products-feeds
tab, feed-processing-tab, feed-settings-tab, products-list-tab, from within
the merchant-center-account and the products-tab with the country-of-sale,
product-status, and language columns added, within the ad-account, etc.,
may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact google directly.