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Merchant Center - Acct not eligible for Product Reviews

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Morning all, 


Our company had hundreds of Google Shopping reviews up until last year, then one day we noticed it was not appearing in Google Shopping (Seemed to of stopped in July or something). Once we logged into check things out it seemed we had to implement the opt-in code, but here is what we are getting now—


"Your account isn’t currently eligible for Product Ratings. The star ratings won’t appear on product listings when an account is inactive."


Here are the graph's recent activity:

• Survey opt-ins received - Activity

• Surveys offered - Activity

• Survey responses received - Activity

• Overall seller rating - Nothing since July

• Number of reviews for overall seller rating - Nothing since July

• GTINs received, formatted correctly, and matched - Flatlined

• Product survey responses received - Flatlined


Can someone please help me understand what has either changed in the service or system that A) Caused it to stop all of a sudden and B) To show some activity in the opt-ins but nothing for reviews? It seems we have lost the hundreds we had before :/ 


Thanks for any help 

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Merchant Center - Acct not eligible for Product Reviews

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google-customer-reviews do not require product-ratings activity.

the best likely course would be to contact google directly --


Merchant Center - Acct not eligible for Product Reviews

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Thanks! I tried calling them earlier but the connection was so bad we couldn't understand each other. Wish the link you sent was easier to find inside my account, much better than the little pop-up. Thanks