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Merchant Account suspended

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Our account was suspended with message " It has come to our attention that your Merchant Center account (website, ID: ) does not comply with our Google Shopping Policies available at "


However this is very generic statements and we have more than 20000 items listed in feeds and on website so its difficult for us to understand what exact the issue cause that our account was suspended by google.


On our website we are selling lights and electrical products.


Please advice us in right direction so that we can activate our accounts asap.

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Re: Merchant Account suspended

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google is constantly checking and re-checking
items, accounts, submitted data, and websites --
a disapproval or suspension can happen at any time.

there should have been a follow-up email outlining the issue.

issues can relate to the data being submitted, product variants,
product images, the type of item, account settings, feed settings,
target-country, website details, supply-chain, or some combination --
a single disapproval or suspension can be for multiple issues.

google has rather stringent rules, policies, and requirements for the
target-country, type of item, images, feed, supply-chain, and website.

generally, hand-inspect all account settings, all submitted (feed) data,
the entire website, and any microdata on the website, against all the
current rules, policies, specifications, guidelines, and recommendations.

first, check the main dashboard within the
merchant-center for overall account status.

also, check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for
specific account, data-feed, and items (website) issues -- by clicking
on each of the blue-boxed or flagged errors, warnings, or notifications.

also, check the specific feed status by clicking
on the data-feed's name under the feeds-tab.

verify that there is only one, single, (data) feed registered --
and carefully inspect the uploaded data-feed file by hand --
any syntax or related issues can sometimes cause a data-feed
to process improperly, but without errors, and disapproved;
the feed-debugger can sometimes help in this regard.

the same registered feed should normally be used for all fixes,
changes, additions, deletions, and re-uploads -- the one, single,
registered feed can handle about 100,000 inventory items.

if the api is being used to submit product-data
then, also check under the api-diagnostics tab.

be certain that id values have not changed for
any submitted item; all items are tracked by id.

inventory data must be re-submitted at least monthly --
typically, at least 3-5 days prior to the expiration --
or immediately after a change to the website or inventory
availability occurs (otherwise, microdata or the api is required).

also, check the individual item's status by clicking
on the item's title under the products-tab and
clicking on any link under the technical-details area --
in addition to any why-is-this-item-dispproved links.
check for any information under the technical-details.

also, check the emails listed under the settings-tab --
where google would send an email detailing the issues;
be certain google is not blocked via spam or similar
filters and the always-send-results option is selected.

check the message-archive under the email-message
symbol in the upper-right-hand-corner of the account.

depending on the severity of an issue, the type of issue, the number of
issues, or the frequency of issues, some suspensions are permanent.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
we would typically need specific information such as exact status information,
the original suspension email from google, any exact messages, screen-captures,
registered url, exact data submitted, data-feed and account histories, etc,
posted here within the public forum [minus any personal or private information]
to help diagnose any potential issues or offer more specific suggestions.

generally, google may disapprove an item or feed, or
suspend a business, site, or merchant, at any time.

otherwise, simply contact or re-contact google directly and ask
for a merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist --

see also

Re: Merchant Account suspended

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Hi Celebird,

Thank you for quick response on our queries. My understanding about your feedback is basically we need to check all pointers suggested by you or google. I need to create a checklist and submit to google before they reviews our account.

Can you provide me complete checklist that help me to verify whether our merchant account follow required google recommend policy or not?

Re: Merchant Account suspended

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first, you're welcome.

google's requirements and policies are currently here:

simply review those details and verify, for yourself, that the

business-model, business-practices, product supply-chain,

physical inventory, the entire website, all submitted data,

and all account-settings, meet all google's requirements

and policies.


after reviewing all google's requirements and policies, simply
fix anything that seems not to meet any requirement or policy,
if the issue can be fixed.


posting the website url and the original suspension email

from google [minus any personal or private information]

here in the public-forum, may allow others to offer more

specific suggestions.

then, contact google:

however, some suspensions are permanent --
in those cases, nothing can be fixed.

unfortunately, google has no such complete checklist.


Re: Merchant Account suspended

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Hey Celebrid,

Thank you for detailed response. I will do the needful and present case accordingly to google.


I have few queries mentioned as follows

1. You mention google refer "
business-model, business-practices, product supply-chain, physical inventory, the entire website

Can you provide me list of business model or practices support by google shopping?

2. In merchant center when we received message from google like "Google Merchant Center account doesn't comply with our Program Policies".


Does it mean our return & refund policy not comply with google program policy? if yes where I will get information about google program policy??

Re: Merchant Account suspended

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(1)  the business models and practices (not) supported
are based on google's merchant-center help articles.

for example, in those articles, under irresponsible data collection,
google requires appropriate security measures to collect user data --

appropriate security during user data collection is what is supported.

so, if a checkout-flow did not use proper https/ssl that would be
one example of a business-practice, using inappropriate security
measures, that would not be allowed.

for example, google indicates, in their merchant-center
articles, to -- "sell only products in your possession" --

selling products in your possession is what is supported.

so, if business-model included making money from products that were
*not* in the merchant's possession -- such as an affiliate supply-chain --
that would be one example of a business-model that is not allowed.


however, unfortunately, google does not supply any single, comprehensive, list.

below is an overall, general, summary:

otherwise, google's merchant-center articles are currently here:

(2) that message means, any policy mentioned here:

the best likely course would be to simply contact
google directly for account-specific guidance.