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Merchant Account and Adwords

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Is it absolutely necessary to have paid ads to display your product through merchant account.  It seems so, I started on this thinking it would be like Amazon, where sponsored ads were a promotional option, not a mandatory step?  If that's the case, then it makes it very difficult to sell low value items via this channel.

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Merchant Account and Adwords

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While on the surface it might seem impossible to make a profit if the items you are promoting don't cost much and you have to pay for clicks. 


But consider two other factors:


1. The lifetime value of a customer. Once they buy anything from you, you have their email address, and that means you can promote your products to them for free.

2. Over 50% of sales that come from Google Shopping ads are for a different product than the one they clicked on.


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Re: Merchant Account and Adwords

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yes -- all display of products via

the merchant-center-account are

now paid ads.


payment is per click and mandatory.


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