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Merchant Account Suspended Issue

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Hello Guys


i have one question for Merchant account suspended issue. on 30 May 2014 my merchant account has been suspended due to some violation as per google notification . in that mail they describe violation point. 


1. shipping violation Issue :

In this case google found different shipping price on landing page. on data feed it is different and on landing page it is differnet. my concer is they are right as per guideline . but if my business serve nation wide product and shipping rate as per State wise located. it is not flat shipping we are giving to all nation wide customer. but we are giving flaxibale shipping to our customer . kindly go throut below example 


1. if any customer make order from Atlanta shipping rate will be Example : $65

2. if any customer make order from Toledo shipping rate will be Example : $10


In this case what Shipping rate i can consider for my product feed ! Looking forward your valuable inputs on it.




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Re: Merchant Account Suspended Issue

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for u.s. feeds, a shipping rate per region (state) is required
if a per-region shipping-rate is what the customer will be
charged by default and shown on the website.

the shipping-rate(s) must be either exactly correct
or an overestimate for the majority of users within
the (registered feed's) target-country, at all items.


if any shipping information set within the account is

based on weight, then a shipping_weight attribute

must be submitted, per item, with an exact and valid

shipping_weight value -- a valid shipping_rate value

includes a number, space, and supported unit -- e.g.

23.45 lb

shipping information may be either set
within the merchant-center-account or
within the submitted (feed) data -- any
data submitted for an item will override
the account-settings for that item.

all data submitted must match the default
information shown on website, and reality,
at all times -- or is otherwise grounds for
disapproval or suspension, at any time.


all data shown on the (link landing-pages) of the website

by default must be identical for all users regardless of

which country is being targeted or where the user is

physically located.


items submitted as in stock must be labeled

accurately on the website, must be physically

in your on-hand inventory, and must be physically

in-transit to the customer within 3-business days.


to correct the suspension, simply make any corrections

within the submitted data or on the website (or both)

to conform to the policies -- then, resubmit the data

(feed) and request a review from google.


for certain physical items, if the shipping or other policy requirements

cannot be met (both on the website and within submitted (feed) data),

then those items simply cannot be submitted and must be removed

from the feed altogether before requesting a review - in some cases,

if all the items cannot meet the policies then the merchant-center and

product-listing ads simply cannot be used; but other adwords ad-types

might be an option depending on the details.

details are currently here --


see also