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Managing multiple Merchant Center accounts with one email address

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There many be certain instances where you want to manage either multiple, or a different Merchant Center account. Rajeev from the AdWords team is here to give us more insight in how to accomplish these two options.


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Re: Managing multiple Merchant Center accounts with one email address

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Hello Community,

Currently you can only have one email address associated with one Merchant Center Account.If you are wanting to manage a new account, and your email address is already associated with a pre-existing account you can take a few steps to manage a different account:

Since a Merchant center account with just one Login email cannot be deleted, the first thing that you need to do is to login to the account and then add another Email address, say (preferable any address that you do not use and which is not associated with any other Merchant Center account) to the Merchant center account. Specific instructions can be found here.

Once an address is added as Admin to the account there will be two Admins to the account. After its added, you can then remove or delete the original address from the account thereby disassociating it from the Merchant center account.

If you want to manage more than one Merchant Center account it would be best for you to request a Multi Client Account, similar to an AdWords MCC. Merchant Center multi-client accounts allow a single person or company to submit data feeds for multiple domains. Each client may have a distinct store name and URL. You can submit requests for this feature to the Merchant Center team here.

Re: Managing multiple Merchant Center accounts with one email address

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This sounds really useful but the links don't work? Please can you supply working links?



Re: Managing multiple Merchant Center accounts with one email address

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(1) multi-user access -- how to add an admin (administrative access):

(2) request to convert the standard account to multi-client (sub-accounts):

Re: Managing multiple Merchant Center accounts with one email address

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Regarding the above:


I work with an agency - I have a multi user account (with no feeds in it currently).


I have two clients, each have product feeds for multiple stores (they have one login/gmail address for each store they manage).


Is there anyway I can see all of these feeds (which I need access to as the lead technical contact/developer) in one place? This is the reason I setup the multi user account in the first place, but when I try to add my email address as an admin in any of their accounts I get the following error!



Re: Managing multiple Merchant Center accounts with one email address

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a client who is managing multiple websites should
normally be using their own multi-client-account --
then, they can add whoever they want to look into
their account, or sub-account, as an additional user.

otherwise, the client would need to add a separate

email, as an additional user, to each of their accounts.

if the agency wants to be added to view a feed then, the agency would need
to have a separate email account -- only for being added to client-accounts;
this could be reusable but, only if the agency-email were removed as a user --
for example, after a specific task is completed; otherwise, a separate email
would be needed for each client merchant-center-account.

the client (owner) adds and gives permission

to an agency (user), not the other way around.

these agency-emails could not be associated with any other
merchant-center-account before being added by the client --
including any mcc-account.

an mcc-account is designed to manage multiple-clients or multiple-sites, feeds;
an mcc-account cannot be used to simply look into a client's existing account or
existing feed -- that cannot work at all, since the mcc-account (email) is already
associated with the merchant-center and cannot be added to any other account.


to actually take over the management of multiple-clients [existing]

accounts and feeds, all under a single (ageny) mcc, would require

a rather more involved and careful transition process -- especially

careful if more than one website per-client currently existed.


also, typically the feed is external to the merchant-center
before being submitted -- e.g. if the client is using ftp, a
google-sheet, spreadsheet, etc; if so, there is no need
to use any merchant-center-account access, at all; simply,
ask to view or handle submitting the feed data apart from
and outside of the merchant-center altogether.


if only managing a feed is wanted, no merchant-center-account
is necessarily needed -- feed management is usually tied more
directly to the client's inventory or website ecommerce systems.


as an aside, although, technically, more than one website per merchant

can be supported in a variety of ways -- a merchant selling items from

multiple websites containing similar content, unless different countries

are being submitted, is a policy violation and grounds for disapproval

or suspension, at any time; google is the final arbiter of similar.


generally, only one website per merchant is allowed.




Managing multiple Merchant Center accounts with one email address

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Google just opened it up to allow multiple Merchant Center accounts to be access by one Google account: