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MAP Pricing with promotions/google feed

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I am submitting a number of items that have MAP pricing which Google has disapproved. I was reading on the forum about users with similar issues. I understand the Google policies about this, on how it falls under the spirit of "misleading" pricing. However, a few of our competitors are doing just that with many items on their feed which were submitted using MAP Pricing. Again, I understand the spirit, but if others are doing it, then why can't I? MAP isn't unique to any industry or products, and I'd think Google has encountered this a number of times, where you can do something so it's approved.


How is this possible?



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Re: MAP Pricing with promotions/google feed

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the submitted price must match the single displayed price
on the landing-page and the default add-to-cart price for
the exact item being sold, for all users, at all times --

otherwise, the item and feed are subject to disapproval

and the website and account may be suspended from

the program, at any time.

generally, there are two methods to meet this requirement
with respect to map-based pricing models, depending on
the website and other details.

be certain that there is only one item with one price on
the link landing-page, that matches the submitted price,
regardless of which method is chosen.

(1) using a promotional-coupon that is applied at the time of checkout --
however, this method does not allow any map-discount information to
be submitted or displayed -- except at the exact time the discount is
applied during the normal checkout-flow.

(2) using the merchant-promotions-program; in this case, the promotional,
discounted, non-map details, are usually submitted in a separate feed and
are typically displayed by google as a separate promotional price; also,

not all merchants and not all registered target-country feeds are eligible.

both methods are different with respect to how the details are handled --

however, in both cases the discount must be made available to all users

and ideally should be automated and displayed during checkout.

the best likely course is to contact a subject-matter expert
at google to discuss the details of each method -- be certain
to ask for a product-listing-ads, merchant-center, specialist,
and emphasize that the issue relates to map-based pricing

or the merchant-promotions program, or both.

if other merchants seem to be violating any policy, the potential
policy violation details may be submitted directly to google.