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Lower price badge

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Is there a way to show a badge or notification on your products in Google shopping that says something like "new lower price" through Google Merchant Center or Google AdWords? 


I am not using a sale or promotion on the products we are just lowering the price on certain products to drive better competition. 

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Lower price badge

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the short answer is no.

currently, there is no direct mechanism to force any such
lower-price promotional-text, or badge, for shopping-ads.

importantly perhaps, promotional-text for a shopping-ad is not allowed,
either in an ad-account's shopping-campaign or in any submitted product
(feed) data or within any product image, or is otherwise a policy violation

and grounds for disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.

google may show such notifications, for shopping-ads, as automated
price-extensions -- based on historical and attribute-related signals,
and the context of the shopping-ad.

some signals, that may help trigger automated-price-extensions, include:
(a) decreasing an item's price, just once or twice, within 60 days;
(b) decreasing an item's price by 10% or more;
(c) submitting the sale_price attribute for any sale items --
assuming all google's sale-price related policies are followed.

however, these techniques, in no way, guarantee that google's
automated-price-extensions will be triggered for shopping-ads --
and there is no way to force the specific promotional-text that

google may display; e.g. 54% price drop, etc.

or, there is the merchant-promotions-program for certain types of promotional
text, submitted by merchants, that google may display in certain ad contexts.

or, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats --
for more control over ad-display and promotional-text.

Lower price badge

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I see, that is unfortunate but it makes sense. 


Thank you for your insights!