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Low Data Quality in Local Inventory Feed

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This is frustrating. I've been trying for over a week to get into the Google local shopping ads, and every time I think I have gotten everything there is one more new thing with a vague error message and little online support or information for it.


I don't want to use up my last 5 attempts guessing at what is wrong and trying to fix it. It would be nice if they elaborated some on this.


Could anyone here please tell me what I need to fix with the spreadsheet I am uploading? Looking at it now, I am thinking it might be because there is a sale price effective date on items that are not on sale... or maybe that in the many days it took for Google to finally check/verify my uploaded feed, the inventory had changed some.


If there are any other issues you see here that I am missing, I'd love to know. Thank you.




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Low Data Quality in Local Inventory Feed

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google has rather strict rules and policies for local-inventory-ads.

there are three feeds for local-inventory-ads:
(1) products: weekly -- primary list of global products available in all stores;
(2) inventory: daily or more often: full per-store price and stock details;
(3) update: as-needed -- optional, incremental, quick updates to price or stock;

the inventory feed must be updated immediately after
any related change to the physical store occurs --
if the physical store's details change too frequently
then, an inventory update-feed should likely be considered.

the data submitted must match the physical stores' details, at all times --
be certain to immediately resubmit the feed after any related store change.

sale_price_effective_date must match the exact dates
that the item will be on sale within the physical store --
any sale_price submitted and active will override any
and all prices submitted, for that item.


sale_price should not be submitted unless and until

the actual price in the store is on sale -- otherwise,

sale_price_effective_date must be accurate with respect

to when the actual price in the store will be changed and

available for purchase at that exact price.

all the data submitted must be accurate with
respect to the physical stores, at all times.

both the feed and physical store stock are inspected by google.

the verification-check is critical to matching the submitted
inventory-information to what is available in the actual store --
if the item is also available on-line, then the on-line website
details must also match the feed and physical store details,
at all times.

any mismatch between the submitted data and the

actual store may result in suspension from the program --
yes, only a limited number of verifications are allowed.

there is no way for forum-members to say what the actual issues may be --
forum-members would need access to the physical store's inventory details;

generally, low-quality data indicates there was some mismatch between what

had been submitted and what was currently available in the actual store when

google verified the details.

otherwise, for local-inventory-ads/local-store,
related issues, google may be contacted directly: