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Looking At Account Disapproval Because Of Adaptive Pricing

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I have a client whose site detects a users IP and displays the currency and shipping rates based on their location. You can manually select your location as well to change the currency listed. Our feed is setup for the US, but we are now looking at an account disapproval because Google is checking our prices with Indian IP addresses and seeing the price on page in INR instead of USD.


Obviously this is counter-intuitive that we are suddenly looking at getting kicked out because we provide an adaptive user experience. Google supports having one feed that they then translate into other currencies in Google Shopping, but the won't provide that same service to an adaptive site and have no work around whatsoever for that; they're telling me to recode the whole site. That's not an option, he client just went through an expensive site redesign in part to better meet Google standards and policies.


Our client has been in Google Shopping for years with adaptive pricing and we had no issues. Google provides a workout for static currency sites to serve one feed in one currency to multiple markets, but no such mechanism for sites with adaptive pricing. This sudden policy change/interpretation is going to force my client out of Google Shopping because their UX is too good, and Google provides absolutely zero solutions and work arounds. 


Has anyone else run into this and figured out a way to deal with this?

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Re: Looking At Account Disapproval Because Of Adaptive Pricing

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yes, currently, the same landing-page details must be shown,

regardless of the device, browser, user-agent, ip-address,

physical location, or any user-identifiable information -- or is

otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval or

suspension, at any time.

typical implementations, to meet the current policies, include either
using a separate directory, or url-parameters with server-side-scripts,
to submit to google as the link attribute value --

google is constantly checking and rechecking, items, products, websites,
businesses, business-models, supply-chains, etc., for potential policy
violations -- the length of time items have been active, as shopping-ads
or on google-shopping, have no impact on disapprovals or suspensions.


Looking At Account Disapproval Because Of Adaptive Pricing

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Just to clarify on your last point, this requirement of 1 currency where ever you are in the world has been in place since the beginning of Google Shopping.


There is no work around, you simply need to ensure if a customer on clicks on your ad and than is originally from a different country (lets say US) they will still need to see the price in GBP and not USD.


Also to clarify, not because they have warned you now means you have never been in violation. Google does not check everything every day or for that matter when you create an account. They check things sporadically. My advice to you is simply follow the policy if you want to be able to advertise on Google Shopping.


It might sound fair or unfair but that's part of the process.


hope it helps

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Looking At Account Disapproval Because Of Adaptive Pricing

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I know Google doesn't check policy 24/7, but this is a shock after years of being in Google shopping with this client. Also, we are following the policy as outlined, it says that anyone clicking on the ad from within the target country must see the currency of the target country on the landing page; we do that. Policy doesn't say anything about foreign IP's, by their vary nature foreign IP's not from the target country are not in the target country and so should be moot as far as policy is concerned.


Obviously that doesn't matter since Google has decided to interpret the policy in this anachronistic and backwards way. They automatically turn on currency conversion in my clients merchant center because they detected that the landing pages use adaptive pricing. So regardless of what we have on page, Google is showing people currency that matches their IP address, and yet we're being penalized and kicked out of Shopping for doing exactly the same and creating a better user experience. They allow people with only one currency to have one feed that serves to multiple countries using their currency conversion, so why do they not accommodate sites that already providing that superior user experience? It makes no sense.


And the options suggested, redesigning the entire site, are not options. Not only are they prohibitively costly, they compromise anti-fraud and site security measures. Setting all users coming in from a Google ad to a static IP bypasses my clients anti-fraud and site security measures, putting their customers' financial data at risk. I know we're not the only site that has this issue with Google because the currency matching is part of the UPS shipping software incorporated into our ecommerce site. 


What I need is an actual solution. I know Google won't change their policy for months if not longer no matter how nonsensical it is, and redesigning the entire website is also not on the table. So I need some kind of workaround that allows us to meet Google's requirement for a worse user experience while preserving our customers' original IP address so that our security measures are not compromised. I would really appreciate some suggestions on this front instead of more reiterations of Google's contradictory policies on this; I understand what their interpretation is, even their support admits that it's a failing and mistake on Google's part, so I need something that let's my client work with  within policy until Google finally gets around to fixing this.

Re: Looking At Account Disapproval Because Of Adaptive Pricing

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(1) google currently expressly forbids adaptive landing-pages --
"landing pages that do not adapt content to user agents, user location, cookies, etc."


(2) given the information presented so far, about the only practical
implementation is likely a hybrid; e.g. static-url with server-side logic.


that is, to both meet google's current requirements for landing-pages,
while retaining the current adaptive landing-pages, the best likely course

would be to submit the static target-country url parameters, implemented

using internal server-side (not client/browser) logic, that identifies (only)

the link url-parameters and presents the identical, static, data regardless
of any user-identifiable details -- otherwise, presents the adaptive-page.


this method likely does not require a website redesign,

but likely does require adding server-code to all pages --

depending on the details, if footers/headers are currently

implemented site-wide, then there may be a similar place

to add the logic without having to update individual pages.


(3) otherwise, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats,

without the strict policies of shopping-ads, that may be a better

fit for advertising certain types of products or websites.


however, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions --
google is the final arbiter of their requirements and policies.


as a pure aside, while overseas, searching for information for home,
and being presented with adaptive landing-pages, can often be quite
a frustrating user experience.

Re: Looking At Account Disapproval Because Of Adaptive Pricing

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We've reached out to UPS about some kind of solution for this, since everything related to the location detection implemented on the site is done through their iparcel service. I know forum members can only suggest courses of action, I was just hoping someone had actually figured out a work around or coding solution until Google can get this fixed. It's just frustrating, especially since Google has apparently created solutions for this for every situation but those like my clients where they have implemented the same adaptive pricing that Google Shopping is already doing. The fact that the Merchant Center policy and the AdWords landing page policy give very different impressions about landing pages and pricing requirements doesn't help;  shouldn't have to navigate over to AdWords support to find out that there a different set of policy guidelines than what is in Merchant Center support. And they provide zero help or suggestions on dealing with this all while openly admitting that this is a product gap on their part; but of course my client is the one that pays the price for issues like these. Very frustrating.


Thank you @Celebird and @Emmanuel F for the suggestions and helpSmiley Happy As soon as i have some kind of update I'll post it.