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Local Inventory Adverts on My Business Listing

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We have been experiencing issues with getting products to appear under our 'my business listings'. We use local inventory adverts and don't have any issues with the normal carousel but the my business listing carousel shows either no products or a very limited range of products. How do we best optimise these carousels?  I have contacted the my business team and the local inventory team but no response yet.



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Local Inventory Adverts on My Business Listing

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the best likely course would be to wait for google to respond --
forum-members cannot access any accounts nor any submitted data.


posting more specific information, here in the public forum, may

help other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions --

such as screen-captures of exactly what is being seen, exact link url's

of items not being seen, exact search-terms used, the exact location

of the business, more specific location details of the users who may

be searching and not seeing the ads, exact data being submitted for

items that are not being seen, local-inventory-ad auction structure

and bid-strategies being implemented, etc.

generally, google's nearby-stores list and related results are automated
based on the search-terms entered by users, physical location details
of a user, the user's search-history related to location-based results,

and the bid and quality factors related to local-inventory-ads.

first, be certain that local-inventory-ads are
enabled within the existing shopping-campain,
and items are in an existing product-group.

verify the bid is completive and high enough for the
local-availability-channel related product-groups --
also, verify the all-products group has at least
a minimum bid, if all products are wanted to be
included in the local-inventory-ad auctions.

if all items are in a competitive space, consider creating
a separate budget in a separate shopping-campaign,

filtered by channel, with higher bids.

be certain the google-my-business listing is up-to-date and accurate --
related, consider enabling local-extensions within the shopping-campaign.

consider more exact location-targeting, mobile-bid adjustments, or day-parting.

segment the campaign and ad-group reports by channel to inspect the performance;
searching for ads within google-shopping or on google-maps cannot determine if

others are seeing the ads and may harm local-inventory-ads in future auctions.

be certain all sources of local-inventory-ad data are high quality --
including the google-my-business-listing, local-products-feed,
local-product-inventory-feed, and products-feed.

consider improving quality related factors -- especially the
local-product-feed and products-feed titles and descriptions.

be certain prices are competitive.

also, depending on the issue and item-offers, consider implementing more
advanced features, such as local-storefront-tracking, on-display-to-order,
in-store-pickup, or local-storefront-structured-data.