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Linking Merchant Center to Arwords account with different url

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Hi everybody. I would like to know if you can help me out. I have an adwords account for a site in Australia which is working well with good CTR and conversions. I've just created a Google Merchant Account for another URL with the same products, same owner (they are going to migrate to this new site in a month. My question is: Would you guys recommend to link this new website to the existing Adwords account to create a shopping campaign? Or would you recommend to create a new Adwords campaign for this new site and link it there? I really appreciate your help with this. Thanks. 

Re: Linking Merchant Center to Arwords account with different url

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Hi Pablo

The same seller cannot list the same products twice or more within Google Merchant Center, it is against policy and is grounds for disapproval.

A seller can list two different sites, selling completely different products, however, if the stock is identical then I don't believe this is possible for you to do.