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Link two Merchant Center accounts to one AdWords account

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Hello. I manage AdWords account for a client who has two websites and I am using one account to promote both sites. I need to launch shopping campaigns for both sites. Is it possible connect two Merchant Center accounts to the same AdWords account?

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Link two Merchant Center accounts to one AdWords account

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Yes, you can.


Make sure that both stores are unique and do not have the same products. Listing the same product more then once is a violation. And may end up having a permanent suspension.


Hope this helps.


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Link two Merchant Center accounts to one AdWords account

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Thank you for the reply. 


Regarding product duplicates. There are products that are present on both websites, but for those I run ads only for one of the sites. If this products will be listed in one of the product feeds only, would it still be a problem? Or they have to be removed from the site?

Re: Link two Merchant Center accounts to one AdWords account

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yes -- multiple merchant-center-accounts can be linked

to one ad-account; however, what is technically possible,
is not necessarily allowed by the policies.


the abuse-of-the-ad-network policies cover websites that offer little unique
value to users and merchants who attempt to gain an unfair advantage in
shopping-campaigns, with respect to both content and physical inventory.

duplicate or similar physical inventory on the website,
duplicate or similar physical inventory submitted as
shopping-ads, and duplicate or similar site content,
may all be considered.

exact duplication is not required to violate
the policies, but is the most obvious example.

the general rule-of-thumb, to remain in compliance with most of the policies,
is only one website domain, per target-country -- with only one ad-account
and one merchant-center-account, per advertiser/merchant.

note that google does not check all policies all the time --
any related account, submitted inventory, site, or business,
may be flagged at any time.


more typically, multi-account-linking is for the use-case

of a merchant owning multiple top-level-country-domains,

targeting shopping-ads, to entirely different countries --

even then, a multi-client-account may be requested,

so that only one merchant-center-account is needed.