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Landing Page not working - Account deactivated

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since two weeks I try to configure google merchant.

My account got banned because they say landing page does not exist.

But I can't see anywhere a problem and google doesn't want to help.


Can someone help?

This is direct link to the feed which I added:



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Landing Page not working - Account deactivated

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First check that there are no IP blocking and Country blocking enabled.

That there are no server issues, check your server for any down time.

That there is no development done on the site, new plugins, etc... anything that might change the websites functions. 


When you have double checked everything, than go to the below link and request for another review.


In the message, tell them you have done all the necessary checks and there is nothing blocking the site. After 5 business days if there is no response call Google and ask them kindly to review the site and explain to them that there is no IP or Country blocking (if this is the case). Also remember they are not the review team, avoid any blaming or pointing fingers. They are always very helpful if everything is explained in a good manner with correct details.

Don't assume they will fix things for you, but instead explain you have done all the checks and explain truthfully if you have found an issue that could have caused it and you have done the everything to fix it.


Hope it helps.

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Landing Page not working - Account deactivated

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(a) generally, landing-pages must render properly

on both mobile and desktop devices, for all users,

in all locations, regardless of any user-specific detail,

such as ip-address, browser, user-agent, etc.

(b) landing-pages must load fast enough
for all google's crawl requests, at all times.

(c) generally, landing-page data associated with the shopping-ad --
such as title, price, description, etc -- must render properly
for all google's crawls:

(d) the price submitted must exactly match the price
displayed on the landing-page, the default add-to-cart

price, and any structured-data price detail, exactly,

for all users, in all locations, at all times.

(e) there is no such valid value as unknown --

especially for global-trade-data;

all global-trade-data submitted must be exactly as assigned
by the manufacturer to the exact item being sold and shipped
or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for disapproval
or suspension from the program, at any time.

invalid or inaccurate global-trade-data (brand, gtin, mpn) is not allowed.

global-trade-data (brand, gtin, mpn) values

must be either exactly accurate, or not submitted,

at all, for the item.

(f) if identifier_exists is set to false for an item,
then all global-trade-data (mpn, brand gtin) -- all three --
attributes should not be submitted, at all, for the item.

only submit items that have valid and accurate data.