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Keyword search showing a less relevant Shopping Ad

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I sell printers. Most models have various options and all have separate SKUs. The issue is that on a popular keyword search for a model "make model", a less popular bunching of SKUs is appearing. One company is even creating their own SKU number which has somehow been deemed the most relevant, which is not the case.


Example: "make model" search should pull the most popular SKU 1234-1234 with 10+ competitors, but google is pulling FAKESKU-6789 with only one seller and they are monopolizing "make model" keyword search for a fairly popular keyword.


How do I get google to fix this. I feel like it's losing everyone money except the 1 seller who is reaping the benefits of not having any competition.

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Re: Keyword search showing a less relevant Shopping Ad

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You can report any violations of Google's Policy below

Please remember that you should only report violation, ie if the competitor is advertising counterfeit products. If the customer is selling his own brand that are real even with similar naming conventions. Than this is simply down to data feed and bidding optimization.

Hope it helps
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