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Just a Quick Question About E-Cig Advertising

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Quick question. Google said we cannot list or Advertise eCig on Google Shopping.


Have a look at the below Image.



Am I missing something? How this sponsored ads are appearing on Google Shopping ADs as well as on Search Network?  

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September 2015

Re: Just a Quick Question About E-Cig Advertising

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products designed to simulate tobacco smoking,
such as e-cigarettes, are currently not allowed.

a word or search-term that simply triggers an ad does not necessarily mean
that the physical item is that word or term; for example, the word elephants
might trigger a product-listing-ad for a t-shirt with an elephant or a book
about elephants -- not necessarily the actual, literal, physical, elephant.

search-term relevancy does not imply the exact or physical item.

regardless, importantly, seeing any item as a (product-listing) ad does
not necessarily mean that a policy specialist has inspected, reviewed,
or approved the product or site -- an item, site, or account, or may be

flagged with a disapproval or suspension from the program, at any time.

potential policy violations may be reported directly to google --


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