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Items showing approved in diagnostics but disapproved in list

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Items are showing as active/approved in the diagnostics graph.  I had 2 errors and warnings.  I fixed those and re-uploaded feed.  All items show the red crossed out circle in List section.  When I go into the items individually and click on "Why is this item disapproved?" the dialog pops up with the message "

This item does not meet the feed specification requirements. Please fix this item according to the feed specification. Learn more


This message is displayed/repeated consecutively 7 times. 

The multiple identical messages in the same dialog seem like a bug; but that still doesn't explain items showing active in diagnostics and disapproved in the list.  

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Re: Items showing approved in diagnostics but disapproved in list

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generally, the products-list details for the individual
item has the more accurate information -- however,
verify last-update date, created-on date, and expiration,
under the technical-details, against the corresponding
submitted data details.


final status may sometimes take 72-hours or so to fully update.


the diagnostics-graphs are mainly historic summaries
that may be re-updated 72-hours or so after items
have been resubmitted and the website re-crawled,
and may remain within the graph for 30+ days.


also, check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for
specific account, data-feed, and items (website) issues -- by clicking
on each of the blue-boxed or flagged errors, warnings, or notifications;

especially any affected-item numbered links, or learn-more links.


if the api is being used to submit items, also check the api-diagnostics-tab.


a single disapproval may be for many multiple issues --
so, having multiple, identical, messages within the same

dialog is not necessarily all that unusual.


for such issues, check all attributes submitted against
all current specifications and be certain there have
been no updates to google's specifications that may
have affected the data submitted.


google is constantly reviewing items, websites, businesses,
and supply-chains, for policy related issues; so a disapproval
may be triggered at any time.


too many or too frequent disapproval issues can trigger a suspension.


also, check the individual item status under the linked-ad-account --
by clicking on the individual product's speech-bubble, under the
product-status column, under the products-tab, under the specific
shopping campaign, that the processed item matches.


the ad-account may have additional, specific, status details --

the diagnostics-tab, products-list, and ad-account, are not

necessarily updated simultaneously.


otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
posting more specific information, such as screen-captures and exact data
being submitted, may allow others to offer more specific suggestions.


otherwise, a merchant-center shopping-ads support
specialist, at google, may be contacted directly to
report the issue and for account-specific guidance.


Items showing approved in diagnostics but disapproved in list

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Thank you for your help!  I will look into the items you mentioned.