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Items not appearing in Google Shopping although they are approved

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I'm noticing that some of my products aren't showing up on Google Shopping at all (although all my competitor's have theirs up!)


I double checked the Merchant Center and the item is approved and ready to go. What's the problem?

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Re: Items not appearing in Google Shopping although they are approved

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product-listing-ads show based on the bid and quality factors.

generally, first be certain the items are matching an active
shopping-campaign's product-group and were assigned a
competitive bid; otherwise, check the validity and quality
of all attribute values submitted for the item and the site's
link landing-pages.

either the bid strategy or quality or both may need to be improved --

items must have enough bid and quality to compete and win a slot

in the auctions to be seen within google-shopping.


for example, if any varaints are submitted be certain that identical
item_group_id values and proper, unique, variant attributes are being
submitted for all items within the variant-group -- and the landing-page
adheres to all variant policies; otherwise, variants cannot be submitted
or will likely not be seen in search results.


for example, be certain that the items submitted as in stock

are currently in your physical in stock inventory and are not

being submitted from any other site or marketplace venue.


for example, be certain that all items have high quality images

that meet or exceed all google's rules and recommendations.


importantly, never search for items within google-shopping
to verify items are being seen; searching for the same similar
items over and over again without any positive action can
result in those items being removed from the auctions and
not seen -- rather, use the impression (and click) data within

the shopping-campaign to verify items can be seen by others.


otherwise, typically, forum members would need a lot more specific

information posted here in the public forums to offer more specific

possibilities or recommendations.


otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly.