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Item not showing in search results

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I have a product that is successfully in our google feed (no errors reported). But it is not showing up in google shopping search results.


Other products from the same feed ARE showing up.


Any suggestions for what I should be looking for?

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Re: Item not showing in search results

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results for the product-listing-ad auctions on
google-shopping are determined by both the

bid and quality.

be certain that the items have no processing
issues and have a valid searchable status.

be certain that there are no warnings or reported issues
under the diagnostics-tab of the merchant-center-account.


if items are submitted via the api, check the api-diagnostics details.

try clicking on the item's title within the products-tab -- to
be certain that all attributes and values submitted are valid,
high quality, and relevant with respect to both the physical
product and all google's policies and recommendations --
especially, title, description, google_product_category and
any submitted global-trade-data (brand, mpn, gtin).

if the items are valid-variants, verify the
item_group_id and the variant attributes.

be certain that the item is matching an active product-group
within the linked shopping-campaign and has been assigned
a competitive bid.


google may sometimes take 72-hours or so,

to match a product-group and assign a bid

to all submitted items -- especially if there

have been any critical inventory changes.

also, searching for the same or similar items over and over again,
without any positive action over time, may result in those products

being removed from the actions and not shown -- rather, analyze

the performance statistics within the accounts.

importantly perhaps, in certain cases, be certain that the inventory
items are not being listed from any other venue or website, such as
marketplaces or seller-portals -- those will typically compete against
one another and may have higher bids or quality in the auctions --
in addition to potentially violating the duplicate listings policies.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into accounts or submitted data --

posting more specific information here in the public forums may help;
otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ads support-specialist at

google may be contacted directly for guidance.


Re: Item not showing in search results

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As you say there are no data feed errors or warnings, than I suggest to look into Adwords and first check you have impressions.

If you do than it is showing for certain keywords but maybe not for what you are trying to search for.
If you don't have impressions, make sure your bidding is high enough and you have no negative keywords blocking what you want to show up for.

Also look at your settings and ad scheduling.

BTW it is a bad habit to search for your own products as it triggers an impression if you have the product listed on the page, than when you do not click on the ad it reduces the CTR. With reducing the CTR you are reducing the ranking of the product listing and eventually ends up in the historic ranking.

I would only rely on Google Adwords data.
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