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Issues With Disapproved Images and GTIN, Can Anyone Help?

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Hi guys,

It's come to my attention that 23 of my product images have been disapproved but I can access them via the web browser, e.g. Link to disapproved image (But it works?)

The image size isn't to big, named appropriately and all of the products that were approved are similarly cropped to this size and have a similar backdrop so I don't understand the issue.

Lots of other images within these folders aren't blocked, google has not been blocked from crawling my images folder.

My other issue is that it's requiring GTIN numbers for some of my products but not all of them. Are these really needed? I have the MPN and brand there.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Issues With Disapproved Images and GTIN, Can Anyone Help?

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(1) all images must be able to be crawled by all google's

crawl requests, at all times, and must meet all google's

rules and policies.


there may be too many large images for the server
to keep pace with all google's crawl requests or the
image's writing may be perceived as promotional-text
or text added by the merchant -- which are not allowed.


first, try reducing the image size to 300x300 pixels or so.


otherwise, if the issue relates to the text
a merchant-center support-specialist at

google will likely need to intervene, or

try a different image of the product, or

such items must simply be removed.


(2) if valid gtin exists from the manufacturer, valid gtin must be submitted.


otherwise, be certain that the brand and mpn
data have been assigned by the manufacturer.


generally, all merchants selling the same item
offer must submit identical global-trade-data.


otherwise, submit the identifier_exists attribute with a value of no
and do not submit any mpn, do not submit any brand, and do not

submit any gtin, for such items.


if the item is not new from the manufacturer be
certain to also submit a condition value of used


otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
however, a merchant-center support-specialist at google may be contacted
directly for account-specific guidence.

Issues With Disapproved Images and GTIN, Can Anyone Help?

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I agree with Celebird, the writing on the product might not be acceptable. Some products come with writing already on them as an integral part of the product, which is acceptable. However in the image you showed us, the writing could be considered to be label that you added to the product.


If the reverse of the product is without a label, try an image of the reverse instead.


Re: Issues With Disapproved Images and GTIN, Can Anyone Help?

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The parts are all brand new, OEM, straight from the manufacturer. What ever is on the item is how it is from the factory. We don't modify them or change them which is why I'm struggling to understand it. It's on par with our other images, similar in size, quality, etc but they've gone through fine. Hopefully this gets resolved soon. Thanks for your replies guys, appreciate it.

Re: Issues With Disapproved Images and GTIN, Can Anyone Help?

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first, you're welcome.


if one of image-issues relates to a server not keeping pace,
then only some items may simply need re-crawling or resizing.


as to writing on images, or any seemingly one-off issue --

sometimes, google gives example or samples of violations,
but the issue is more far reaching and must be resolved for
all such items, despite not being flagged yet.


as to oem, global-trade-data and condition data for oem products
can be a sensitive issue with google -- for example, google usually
requires the global-trade-data (e.g. brand and gtin) of the oem,
not the manufacturer's data of any compatible-product; related,
"from the factory" also includes re-manufactured or refurbished.


for google, new is only for a product that has never been used,

in its original product-packaging, which has never been opened --
anything else must usually be submitted as used or refurbished.


oem or oem-parts products should be submitted properly,
or otherwise risks disapproval or suspension, at any time.


the best likely course would be to simply work directly
with a specialist at google before making any changes.


otherwise, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats,

that may sometimes be a better fit for advertising certain

products or type of items.