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Issue with missing shipping information

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I'm going round in circles with my CSV feed and shipping errors. 711 errors are found with 'missng shipping information' yet I cannot fathom what is different in the CSV lines with errors compared to the lines that are successful - 1698 are successful.


I have enterered the simple shipping costs into the interface shipping settings. There are only 2 rules based on a shipping cost for products under £42 and no charge over £42.


I have tried uploading the feed with the manual shipping data in the CSV feed, and I've also tried deleting the shipping column from the feed and I get the same errors with both?!


I am confused as to what I can try next. Can anyone help please?

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Re: Issue with missing shipping information

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Hi Helen L,

Welcome to Google Adwords Community.
I have not too much practical knowledge about Google Shopping Campaign Setup but according to theoretical knowledge I suggest to see this video & also read the following article.




I aspect that It may be helpful for you because I can not see your CSV data feed & it's entries and your whole campaign setup. I sure only due to small hole in your setup, you face this problem but I don't know which hole Smiley Happy




Re: Issue with missing shipping information

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Hi Helen,

This sounds like an excel problem. I would first #1 check for duplicates which can often cause errors when uploading a feed. Or #2 is it possible you 'filtered' some of the data which is hidden but will still be detected by Google Merchant?

Just some thoughts ...
Joshua, Rising Star
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Re: Issue with missing shipping information

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I suspect you are right Joshua, likely to be something squiffy Excel is doing. I have tried both your suggestions though and they are not the answer. Any more thoughts please? Is there another program I can use to edit my feed that doesn't create issues perhaps? I need to manually adjust a couple of coumns so cannot simply upload the feed straight from the website.

Re: Issue with missing shipping information

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Hi Helen,


Try using a different format. Rather a XML format of the data feed with the required attributes. Also, I believe this is happening for some of your products only and not for all.


Is there a possibility that earlier you were not having Shipping information for those particular products on your website and you added them later on. If yes, then I would also suggest you to update the sitemap of your website in Google webmasters so that Google can index those correct information pages as well. I tried this in the past and it worked well for me. 


I hope this helps somewhere!


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Re: Issue with missing shipping information

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(1) csv is not an officially supported feed format.

(a) the feed file should be registered as .txt tab-delimited;
(b) the original excel file should be edited and re-saved as .txt tab-delimited.

(2) shipping may be either exactly correct or an overestimate;

(3) shipping may be either set in the account for
the target-country or added within the feed file --

any shipping added in the feed for an item will override any
shipping set in the merchant-center account, for that item.

(4) for a .txt tab-delimited feed,
if shipping is set in the feed file,
exactly three (3) colons are always required;

for example --

GB::Royal Mail:123.45 GBP

the column should be labeled exactly:

(5) if shipping set within the account is wanted, be certain that:

(a) the shipping values under the shipping column for the item is
entirely empty (entirely blank) or the shipping column is deleted;

(b) under the shipping-settings of the merchant-center,
the country selected in the upper-right-hand-corner of
the shipping settings matches the target-country of
the registered feed.

(c) under the shipping-settings of the merchant-center,
the status for the shopping-method is shown as active.

(d) if any changes are made to the account shipping-settings,
such as the country or status settings, be certain to resubmit
the data-feed file.

(5) to verify shipping is set correctly in the account or in the feed file,
shipping for an item may be seen after processing under the products-tab,
in the merchant-center account, by clicking on the item's title.

google will check all shipping information set or submitted,
against the site landing-page and during e-commerce checkout;
so, be certain any displayed shipping on the link landing-page
is either accurate or removed -- and all actual shipping during
checkout on the website, matches what is seen for the item,
under the products-tab of the merchant-center.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into the feed or accounts --
however, a support specialist at google may be contacted directly.

see also

Re: Issue with missing shipping information

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Thank you for breaking that down for me Celebird.

I had previously tried saving and uploading as .txt tab-delimited feed and CSV and I had less errors with CSV for some reason.

I have revisited this again, following your steps, and when I opened the downloaded .txt from the website I selected to skip the column that included shipping as I have this set at account level. This appears to have worked as all items have now submitted successfully Smiley Happy

Re: Issue with missing shipping information

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you're welcome and thank you for the update -- that sounds like all good news.