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Issue with Products being Dissapproved

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We have an issue with certain products being disapproved within Google Merchant Centre - the issue itself is simple but the cause is not so.


We are submitting one price for all of our products in our shopping feed but when google bot crawls certain products it seems to be finding a different price to what has been submitted. This then results in the product being disapproved.


This issue only occurs on our configurable products so the cause may lay in how the price is calculated or displayed for these products.


A little background on how our configurable products work –

  • We group products which are similar but vary in only a few places – example: colour or orientation.
  • We then create a base configurable product to contain these variations.
  • On this base configurable product, by default, we display the lowest price available this calculated from all of the associated group products.
  • On the frontend, we then allow customers to configure this base product to select one of the associated group products.
  • During this selection process we append URL variables for each selection – example: ?colour=red&orientation=landscape
  • Once the selection is complete, a new price is called in. This is based on whichever associated group product has been selected.


In our shopping feed we are submitting all of our associated group products individually – we are using the URL with all appropriate variables which call in the correct price for these products.


From a usability point of view this works fine - when you hit the URL with variables appended you see the correct price. Somehow Google Bot is recording a different price – the price from our containing configurable product.


Why or how is this happening?


Many Thanks


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Re: Issue with Products being Dissapproved

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the price submitted to google (within the feed) for an item
must match the displayed price and default add-to-cart price
on the link landing-page, exactly, at all times, for all users.

for configurable product variants there are a few choices:

(1) do not submit any such variants -- submit
only the default item and price on the page;

(2) submit the variants using proper, identical, item_group_id
and at least one unique variant attribute-value (size, color, etc.)
for all items within the variant group.


google recommends only one price on the landing-page -- then,
the link attribute in the feed may be submitted in one of two ways.

either (a) a separate landing-page for each specific variant: e.g.

or (b) the same landing-page with the specific variant pre-selected: e.g.

regardless, the most prominent displayed price, seen by default
on the landing-page, must match the submitted price, exactly,
at all times, for all users, regardless of the user's location, or
any other factors.


also, there are other strict rules with respect to variants

if automatic-item-updates and microdata are being used.

also, be certain all variants submitted as in stock are physically in stock.


also, for u.k. registered feeds, the vat-inclusive price must be submitted

and generally must be the most prominent price on the landing page --

google is the final arbiter of prominent.

otherwise, submitting such variants is a policy violation
and grounds for disapproval or suspension, at any time.

alternatively, there are other ad-formats and campaign-types, that

might be more appropriate for such items, depending on the details.


Re: Issue with Products being Dissapproved

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Hi - Thanks. How is the prominent price chosen by Google?

The only pricing issue is a split second flicker of price e.g. if the configured price is £1.00 but the group from price is £0.50, what happens is £1.00 will display, then for a split second £0.50 will show, before returning to the correct £1.00 price.

Unless watching the price on load, it is not even noticeable.

Our system obviously has an issue where it checks the price, causing the flicker. If we can establish how Google determines the prominent price, we may be able to resolve the situation if our system cannot be fixed.

Many thanks

Re: Issue with Products being Dissapproved

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first, you're welcome.

be certain that item_group_id, variant attributes, and link values

are being submitted properly; otherwise google may not be able

to match the price to the variant, regardless of the site.

generally, prominent is forced by following the single price on

the landing-page recommendation; otherwise, the price with
the most visible (largest) font and (brightest) color -- however,

google has not divulge any details or the detection mechanism.

the flicker should likely be avoided --
but google should be contacted directly
to assess the feed and site details before
making any changes.