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Is there a way to use "positive keywords" with PLAs?

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Hi. I'm curious if there is any way at all to limit the displaying of our ads only when a certain keyword or keywords are present in the user's search query? As an example, let's say we offer for sale the ebook, "Old West Gold Rush". Currently, if a user searches for "Old west gold rush book" (note the missing "e" in the word "book") our ad displays. However, our data clearly shows that we simply do not convert for search queries where the term, "book" is present, but have an extremely high success rate with search queries where the term, "ebook" is present instead (e.g. "Old west gold rush ebook").


We currently spend hours each day (several times per day) adding negative search queries to each PLA ad group when we could instead simply apply a "positive keyword" to the same Ad Group and save us not only a ton of time (which = money), but also thousands per month in irrelevant search clicks.


I'm open to alternative ideas that may prove as an effective work-around to this as well, assuming such a feature is not available.




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Re: Is there a way to use "positive keywords" with PLAs?

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Hello @Dzyner

If you are saying you are getting good conversion on keyword "Old west gold rush ebook" and you want that when people search for exactly this keyword only then your ad should display... than you can use the exact match type for this term.

You can check details :

And in PLA you can put the Old west gold rush book in eXACT NEGATIVE AND BOOK IN NEGATIVE.

Hope that works!


Re: Is there a way to use "positive keywords" with PLAs?

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be certain all attributes submitted both emphasize the digital ebook
and deemphasize (never mention or refer to) a physical book; especially
with respect to title, description, and any submitted global-trade-data --
in addition to all other attributes submitted.

yes, add any irrelevant search-terms as negative-words as soon as possible.

however, currently, there is no such concept of an exact
positive-keyword or exact-match for product-listing-ads --
product-listing-ads do not use keywords and relevancy is
based mainly on submitted attribute values, how users
search, and google's related relevancy algorithms.

that said, there are many other campaign-types and
ad-formats that are currently available and may be
a better fit for advertising such products -- and do
offer a variety of keyword match-types.

Re: Is there a way to use "positive keywords" with PLAs?

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Thanks for the replies Ana & Celebird.

Ana, unfortunately that is not what I am saying (not exactly anyway). I only used that title ("Old West Gold Rush") as an example. The issue applies to tens of thousands of products. What you're suggesting would make sense if we were talking about only a handful of terms, but we're talking about tens of thousands.

Celebird, I checked our feed and it does look like it could use some tweaking in a few areas in terms of relevancy. We will make those changes and see if they improve our relevance.

Is there any way at all to tell Google Products more about our exact product category since there is no specific taxonomy for “ebooks”, only “Media > Books”? Is there a field in the feed file where I can add this info where it will actually be taken into consideration when determining the searches for which our products are displayed?

Also, as for adding search-terms as negative match, we are currently doing that as well, trouble is by the time we receive the irrelevant clicks we've already paid for them, and many are one-off long-tail search terms (so it is too late at that point). In just a matter of days we can accumulate hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars as a sum total in single irrelevant clicks on phrases related to "books", not "ebooks". Still, we do add them as negative match daily (sometimes multiple times per day).

Along these lines, any thoughts on how we can more effectively leverage the negative-words functionality to more accurately target our core search-terms (ebook related terms)? Currently we're simply adding all search-terms that do not include our core keywords as negative-match (exact). Thoughts on a better, more effective process?