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Is there a way that I can add incremental product changes to my feed?

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Hi, I was wondering if I can make incremental changes to my feed without re uploading my entire list of products. When I upload my feed, it resets all of the impression and click data in google adwords for existing products.  Is there a way to upload just changes to the feed?  I have discussed this with google reps who say that the  schedule option will post just changes.  I would like to test this, however, when I enter my ftp server, it complains that i am not using a valid protocol even though it works when i type it into my browser url: 


If anyone has any comments on this, I would be greatful Man Happy

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Re: Is there a way that I can add incremental product changes to my fe

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first, if a simple re-upload is resetting impression and click data then,
that is typically an indicator of something rather wrong -- likely in the
area of id values; normally, a simple re-upload should not change any
statistical or historic data and only exact changes to an item, based on
id, should ever be updated when processed.


normally, if all id values are static, the same, entire feed can be re-uploaded

many many multiple times and nothing should change for any existing items,

except the internal expiration/upload dates -- items are tracked by id.

be certain that an id value never ever changes once assigned --
an id value should be unique per inventory item across any and
all registered feeds and should never, ever, change between
data (feed) re-uploads.

a best-practice is to use a mix of letters and numbers for id -- e.g.
especially if a spreadsheet is being used and especially if
there are multiple target-country or multi registered feeds.

currently, there is no way to incrementally send a product-feed --
all items are tracked by id and any missing items from the feed
are considered a delete; any change to an id will reset its data,
and trigger a delete and insert of an entirely new item.

however, there are automatic-item-updates and inventory-update-feed
features that do allow for incremental changes to be made -- such as a
small subset of items changing price or availability, between the regular,
required, monthly, (full) product-feed re-uploads.

the automatic-item-updates or the inventory-update-feed features
cannot replace regular feed re-uploads and any id values improperly
handled using these optional features will still trigger data to be reset
or the incremental update will simply fail; id values must still be static
per item, across all feeds, across all time, and match any (micro) data
on the link landing-page.

as to ftp, generally ftp is used for server-side re-uploads;
for scheduled-fetch, regardless of feed type, http protocol
is generally best; if ftp is used as the protocol, the server
must allow full access to google for the fetch; for example,
if a site does not allow the protocol then sftp or http may
be required; for example, the proper credentials must be

set and google's (user-agent) requests must be honored.


simply using ftp or a scheduled-fetch will in no way force incremental

updates -- if a scheduled-fetch is used on a normal product-feed and

only a subset of items are submitted then, any missing items will be

deleted and any items with changed id will be reset and re-inserted

and possibly result in a duplicate listing -- which is a policy violation

and grounds for a disapproval or account-suspension, at any time;

only the automatic-item-updates or inventory-update-feed features

allow a subset of data to be processed properly.


submitting a subset of items using a registered product-feed --

or changing any id value for any previously submitted item --

regardless of how the data is submitted -- has the potential

to wreak general havoc with the items and account.


the product-feed should only be ever registered once

per target-country and id values should never change

for a physical inventory item, for a target-country.

that said, forum-members cannot look into data-feed or account details --
we usually require more specific information to offer specific suggestions;
otherwise, the best course is to continue working with a support specialist.


see also