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Is there a setting so than a search ad will not show when the same product appears in Shopping?

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When looking at the data for our search ads, although the search queries are dead on perfect (as if I wrote them myself) and our ad text is clear and concise, matching up with keywords, landing page content as well as the search queries, the CTR seems like it should be higher. We hoover around 1%, maybe a tick over that. 


I know, in general 1% is the floor, but I have other accounts with very similar search content parameters as those noted above, that get 5-7% CTR.


The only difference with this account is that our search ads often appear under our product (when it shows) or competitor products in Google Shopping. I'm thinking that the Google Shopping pictures are worth a thousand words and people, pretty much do not see our ad. 


So, is it possible to set the account to not show a search ad when our product shows, or at least is eligible to show in Google Shopping? 


Our search ads perform relatively okay otherwise and I'd like to keep them for those off chance moments if and when a Google Shopping ad does not show.




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Re: Is there a setting so than a search ad will not show when the same product appears in Shopping?

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Hi @Bill J good question!  As far as I'm aware there's no setting that you can use that would prevent your Search Ads from showing at the same time as your (or competitors) Shopping Ads.  However, I do have some comments!


Are your Search Ads profitable?  If they are, then I'd maybe not be too concerned.  If they're not, you'd have to question why you should continue running them.  I have a number of clients who used to run Search but for whom their Shopping Ads performance was so much greater (in terms of ROAS) that the Search Ads were simply unnecessary.


If you do want to continue running Search, one option that might work would be to examine your Search Term Details and try to identify which terms don't tend to trigger the Shopping Ads, then focus your Search efforts only on those terms.  For example, if "red shoes" tends to trigger the Shopping Ads, but "red shoes leather" doesn't, then just use "red shoes leather" for your Search Keyword in either phrase and/or exact match.  However, in that situation, I'd probably first try to work out why those Search Terms weren't triggering the Shopping Ads and try to resolve that, as Shopping Ads do tend to have a much higher ROAS than any other type.



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