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Is it possible to have the same products, different feeds for shopping & dynamic remarketing ads

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Hi there, 

I have a shopping feed that i use for Google shopping ads. With that feed i append two words to the front of the titles that then show up in the shopping product listings.

I'm now setting up dynamic remarketing ads and wanted to run the exact same feed obviously but minus the appended words at the front as they don't make sense to have in a remarketing ad.

So i created another feed but got an error that said i can not have two feeds with the same products in the merchant centre.

Is there any way outside of having to manually upload the feed every day though adwords that i can do this?

Many thanks in advance for your help.



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Re: Is it possible to have the same products, different feeds for shopping & dynamic remarketing

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the display_ads_title attribute may be added to the submitted data (feed).

the display_ads_title will be used for the dynamic-remarketing
retail-business-type and should override the title attribute used
for product-listing-ads.

note that the display_ads_title must follow all related
title policies -- such as no promotional-text, required
common title for variants, clear relevance with respect
to the physical item or how the physical item might be
used, proper spelling and grammar, etc.

the merchant-center allows only one, single, listing to be submitted
per on-hand, in stock, physical inventory item -- to be used as a
product-listing-ad, regardless of the number of feeds or how the
inventory item might be submitted.

generally, only one feed is needed to submit about 100,000 inventory items.

all data within the merchant-center is funneled into the linked-account --

mainly as a convenience, the funneled data for product-listing-ads,
may also be used for the dynamic-remarketing retail-business-type.


as an aside, regardless of dynamic-remarketing, the submitted data
in the merchant-center for product-listing-ads must be essentially
identical to the item-offer displayed on the link landing-page --
or is otherwise a policy violation and grounds for a disapproval
or suspension, at any time.


modifying any data after being submitted or with respect
to an item's link landing-page are not the best of practices.



Re: Is it possible to have the same products, different feeds for shopping & dynamic remarketing

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Hi Celebird! Thank you for answering me back so quickly. I'm a little confused though. Where would i enter that attribute you spoke of as i looked in the merchant centre and that specific attrribute wasn't in the list of them under feed rules within the feed?

Also, how do is specify it for the dynamic ads and not the shopping feed?

I 100% understand that the feed must remain compliant and I have no intention of altering anything that would make the shopping information different from the landing page information etc.

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Re: Is it possible to have the same products, different feeds for shopping & dynamic remarketing

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first, you're welcome.

the display_ads_title attribute is added to the same exact (feed) data
that is submitted for product-listing-ads -- and is simply an ancillary
attribute defined by google.

how the attribute is added depends on how the merchant-center products (feed)
data is currently being handled so is slightly different per merchant --
for example, if the data is being maintained using a spreadsheet then,
simply add another (first-line, header) column labeled display_ads_title

all data is funneled into the same linked account; the display_ads_title
attribute is used within any dynamic-remarketing (display-ad) for retail
and in this case, will override the title attribute.

after adding the attribute there should be no processing issues and the new
value should be seen under the products-tab of the merchant-center-account,
by clicking on the item's title.

display_ads_title is not defined within the products-feed specification --
since this attribute is not part of product-listing-ads; although, the
attribute is added to the exact same (feed) data.

currently, the details for this and related attributes are part of
the dynamic-remaketing (display-ads) attribute specification
within the merchant-center --

otherwise, a support-specialist at google may be contacted directly --
when contacting google, be certain to mention that the issue relates to
the merchant-center and dynamic-remarketing for the retail-business-type.

Re: Is it possible to have the same products, different feeds for shopping & dynamic remarketing

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Thank you very much for that very detailed and clear answer. It's very much appreciated!

And thank you for answering the other 2 billion questions on here as well. I assure you that your time spent doing that would have helped tens of thousands more people than you would have thanks from.

Every time i search and seek an answer on here, it is rare to not find your expert knowledge somewhere within the thread!

Thanks again!