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Is it normal to be suspended like this?

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I've just signed-up for google merchant and started uploading a feed as a test to see what errors I have inside and while doing this I get this email:


Dear Google Shopping Merchant,

It has come to our attention that your Merchant Center account  
(<edited by a Community Manager as noted below>) does not comply with our Google Shopping  
Policies available at

Your Merchant Center account has been suspended and your product listings  
no longer appear on Google Shopping. Please note that a suspension  
notification message is also displayed in your Merchant Center account. In  
addition, related Merchant Center accounts might also get suspended.

If you believe there has been an error, we want to help. Find out how to  
contact us by visiting

The Google Shopping Team

Please do not reply directly to this message, as it was sent from a  
notification-only email address that does not accept incoming email.  
Instead, please use the contact link included above.

 Is it normal? What is the meaning of this ? I thought I should submit a real feed at least before being suspended? 

Why does that happen instantly? It was not possible to check my store so fast because I didn't even finish myself looking over the feed errors. It came in a matter of minutes. The only error inside the TEST feed was with some upcs that I plan to fix.

I really want to understand why this happens as it seems unpredictable and I presume it'll happen again in the near future when I'm live.

How can I prevent this? I ahven't been guided to some exact policies I'm not following so I can repair it.


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Re: Is it normal to be suspended like this?

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first, be certain that the feed was registered as a
test and that there are no other feeds registered

for any other target-country --

if a standard products-feed was registered then, there

is no concept of test-data with a standard-products-feed.


the mode column should be listed as test, not standard:

otherwise, account-level suspension can be automatic in some cases.

for example, if any other website or any other account associated
with a merchant or business-entity had been previously flagged;
for example, if the website that was registered is not allowed
under under the current policies, such as marketplace-sellers
registering a marketplace or a merchant submitting multiple,
similar, cookie-cutter sites.

also, a feed may have nothing whatever to do with a suspension.

there are many other issues that may trigger an instant suspension --
however, forum-members cannot look into feeds or account-histories.

the best likely course would be to contact a merchant-center
product-listing-ads support specialist so a person can look
directly into the registered feeds and the account details.

see also

Re: Is it normal to be suspended like this?

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celebird, thank you very much for your guidance. I've double checked it says: Mode - Test, so I guess I uploaded the feed right.

I've never had another account suspended, in fact I never had another google merchant account.

Also I've checked: I'm not a: marketplace-sellers registering a marketplace or a merchant submitting multiple,
similar, cookie-cutter sites.

I've already contacted google shopping ( live chat + phone ) and was told to wait 24 hrs for an answer. I was not given any instructions.

I'm just intrigued by the vague explanation and lack of instructions. I am also afraid this opacity will be applied in the future leaving me suspended without understanding why and how to fix.

Re: Is it normal to be suspended like this?

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first, you're welcome.


using a test-feed is a good thing.

those were merely examples; there are many many issues that can trigger
a suspension -- related to the website, type of item being sold, account
history, product, product images, global-trade-data, supply-chains, etc.

generally, reviewing all policies before beginning the program is best.

depending on the issues related to a particular policy violation,
there may be absolutely no details or no information whatsoever
concerning any fix; for example, if a violation was very serious,
the suspension was made permanent, and no fix were possible,

or there was an internal technical issue, etc.

other suspensions or disapprovals will have a very simple fix; such as,
submitting the proper product images or changing the website to add
a physical street address; these types of issues will typically include an
exact explanation and clear instructions or a link to a support-article
that presents such information more thoroughly.

be certain to check the general-settings for proper, working,
email-addresses and set the send-updates option to always.

google is constantly reviewing accounts, submitted-data, products,
websites, business-models, and supply-chains -- a disapproval or
suspension issue may be flagged, at any time.

any single serious violation, any single violation that is
not fixed in a timely manner, or any repeated violations --
especially for the same or similar issue -- can result in
a (permanent) suspension from the program, at any time.


generally, all rules should be followed at all times so that there

is little or no chance of triggering a disapproval or suspension.

otherwise, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions
based on the information posted here in the public forum.

in this case, simply waiting 24-hours is likely the best course --
usually, the best course is to simply follow google's instructions.


otherwise, a support-specialist may be re-contacted at any time.


see also